Funchesstic! - Chess festival

For the third time in a row, an entertaining Chess Festival named “Funchesstic!” (Chess Club Beatrice Naples) has been organized. The event has a rich, artistic, fun, educational, humanitarian and competitive program.

Within the art program of the manifestation, chess is presented trough several aspects: music, dance, literature, painting, sculpture, etc. At the same time, there is a possibility for talented young people, and for artists as well, to present their creativity in the chess world. This divine game is represented trough games, quiz programs, spectacular moments and the engagement of celebrities. The educational part of program is intended for those who are not yet familiar with chess or for those who want to expand their knowledge. The competitive part of program is intended for children and if functions in seven rounds according to the Swiss system and FIDE rules, i.e., rules of the Chess Federation of Serbia and Vojvodina. The humanitarian part of the program seeks a solution and points out some current problems of our society.

Фанчестик - шаховски фестивал