Traditional festival "SOKODALOM" in Palic

Art Talent Association “TALENTUM” was founded in January 2013. Over the past four years, they have organized and implemented several events, meetings and competitions of regional significance.

It is considered very important that, in a multicultural environment such as in Vojvodina, the other nations are familiar with the values of the Hungarian nation. Therefore, they will present the program during the festival, they are proud of. Participants will be from Vojvodina and from Hungary.

talentum 3

Within the program, a handicrafts market – handmade items and old crafts are organized. An exhibition of traditional dishes and wines will be held in the gastronomic section. Also, on the Summer stage an all-day program for visitors interested in Hungarian culture will be held. In the cultural part of the program local amateur folklore groups, dance groups, musical ensembles, reciters and choirs will perform.

talentum 2