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This year, May Day celebration from 1st to 5th of May

This year May Day celebration last for 5 days, from 1st to 5th of May. Besides food and beverage, and great  souvenirs and old handcrafts offer, the most interesting thing for most of the visitors is the biggest amusement park in our country, based as usual by the Men’s Lido, but as every year with some new equipment and more fun. Prvi_maj-1 As in the past years, traffic will be closed and controlled in: Jozef Hegedis, Olge Penavin and Splitska aleja street, and the entry will be allowed only for vehicles whit pass posted on the windshield of the vehicle. Passes can be provided by delivering license plates of residents and workers of the hotels, restaurants and other business entities, and by delivering the names of all guests who will be staying in hotels or private accommodation facilities during the May Day celebration in Palic. Passes can be collected in Park Palic Ltd office, during work hours 7:30 AM -3:3 PM, and on 30th of April, working hours will be longer, until the evning. For more information please call: 024/602-780 You can find the official program of the manifestation here.

Service information

Working hours of the Tourist information center:   1.5. – 3.5.2019 – 8 AM – 8 PM 4.5. – 5.3.2019 – 8 AM – 6 PM Pharmacy Palic: 1.5. – 2.5.2019. – 9 AM – 5 PM 3.5.2019. – 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM 4.5.2019. – 07:30 AM – 1 PM Ambulance Palic: 1.5. – 2.5.2019. closed 3.5.2019. – 07:00 – 8:00 PM 4.5.2019. – 07:00 – 2:00 PM Dežurstvo Hitne pomoći 1.5. – 2.5. – 10 – 7 PM Bus schedule – line 6 1st of May – from 9 AM, departures in every 10 minutes, from Lifka/Vikend Naselje. Last departure from Vikend Naselje at 00:30 AM 2nd of May – from 9 AM, departures in every 15 minutes, from Lifka/Vikend Naselje. Last departure from Vikend Naselje at 10:15 PM