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Announcement about the cancellation of the "Legende" concert

On the occasion of canceling the concert of the group “Legende”, which was supposed to be held on the Summer stage in Palic, organized by “Bonitas” Ltd from Subotica, the company “Park Palić” Ltd informs the public that at the end of the May, “Bonitas” Ltd contacted the company “Park Palic” Ltd with a request to rent the Summer stage for the purpose of holding a concert of the group “Legende”.

After that, the Lease Agreement was duly signed. On the basis of this contract, the entire organization of the concert is responsibility of “Bonitas” Ltd, while “Park Palić” Ltd is the landlord of the area.

Considering that they are already known by organization of the concert of the group “Riblja corba” in Subotica, there was no reason to doubt their cooperation and organization.

On June 14th, they informed the public and the “Park Palic” Ltd that the concert will be postponed from June 15th to June 20th, but on June 19th they cancelled the whole event. They informed us that they would arrange a refund for the purchased tickets and left a phone number for more information, the one we published on our official Facebook page.

After we received the information that “Bonitas” Ltd is not answering the given phone number, we tried to contact them, and as a response we received a SMS text given below:

fabrika zvuka

During this summer, the Summer stage will be the place of many events, concerts and performances, organized not only by “Park Palic” Ltd, but also by external private agencies, contracted by performers, in which case the “Park Palić” Ltd is just the landlord of the area.

Due to cancellation of the concert and unprofessional attitude towards the citizens who bought tickets, “Park Palic” Ltd decided that it is forbidden for “Bonitas” Ltd to organize events of any kind in Palic in future.

“Park Palic” Ltd will continue to monitor the situation and process of refund as “Bonitas” Ltd promised.