This year May Day Celebration will last for 5 days

May Day Celebration in Palic is being held for the 35th time, while Subotica celebrates this holiday for 128th time.
Guests who traditionally come to Palic in great number, will be able to enjoy in Entertainment Park, a rich offer of products of old crafts, various souvenirs, food and beverage offer, as well as numerous restaurants with traditional cuisine and local specialties. The manifestation is accompanied by various cultural and entertainment programs.

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Easter in Palic on Saturday

Easter in Palic is a manifestation that takes place on the Saturday before Easter, which celebrates the greatest family holiday, Easter. The event will take place on the Great Terrace on April 7th, at 11 am. The organizers invite everyone to come to play, entertain and support Milica Oklobdzija, a ten-year-old girl, and her parents Tamara and Miroslav Oklobdzija, to get medical equipment for a healthy and healthy life.

Manifestation program:

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