Aqua park foundation stone was laid in Palic

On Saturday, December 15th, the foundation stone was laid which simbolically opened first phase of works on the construction of the Aqua Park and the Wellnes and Spa Center in Palic, jointly financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Provincial Government and the City of Subotica.

The location of the project is the Men’s lido, in the area of 4.4 hectares, where the most modern wellness and spa center will be built on 30.000 square meters. By the plan, the Aqua park


Project of development of Aqua park, Wellness and Spa center in Palic

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The project “Expansion of the contents of the thermal pools – Wellness and Spa Center” started with the obtaining of location conditions based on the Detailed Regulation Plan for the part of the “Banja Palic” area and the Urban Project for Expanding the Content at the Thermal Pool at Palic in Block B.12


Art competition - Winter in Palic

As in previous years, Art competition is open again! Every child, willing to participate may leave their art work at Palic community office. Result announcement will be held on Sunday, December the 9th, at 9 AM, in Grand Terrace.

Trka Deda Mrazeva 2018-plakat-01


Park Palic Ltd won the Brand Leader Award 2018

Park Palic Ltd participate on The 8th Business Conference SEET 2018 which was focused on indentifying new opportunities for increase in revenues from SEE tourism market, new forms of collaboration for positioning the Region as integral tourism market with special emphasis on promoting priority tourist destinations, strengthening the identity of Regional tourist routes, attracting tourists from distant emissive markets as well as stimulating inbound tourism.

During the confe


2nd Vine Marathon in Palic

Second Wine marathon was held on 22nd of September in Palic. Over 700 runners, from 14 countries ran trough wine yards of the best Wineries  from Palic. Visitors came from Las Vegas, Seattle, Brasil, Russia, Great Britain.


Winner was Vida Medic, and in mail category – Milanko Puscic, both from Belgrade.

Fun fact about Wine marathon is that all racers are wearing cost