Summer season events in Palic

This year we have organized a great number of events that will take place at Palic, especially on the Summer Stage. There will be events such as plays, concerts, stand up performances of different genres …

June 2019

The season opening is in June, with the play „Word around town“ (June the 6th) and a concert by the group „Legende“ at the Summer Stage (June the 15th), Etnofest, the  world music festival at the Grand Terrace (June the 20th -23rd ), The Belgrade drama Theater play called „My Grandpa is out“ starring Boris Komnenic, Slobodan Boda Ninkovic or Milan Cucilovic, Ljubinka Klaric … The play will take place on June the 22nd at the Summer Stage. June ends with one event that has not taken place in Palic and Subotica for many years – the opera. The opera is performed by the Serbian National Theater and is the comic opera „The Barber of Seville“ on the 29th of June.

July 2019

Wednesday, July the 3rd, is reserved for the Lexington band concert, while on July the 6th, a very popular theater play „Scenes from Marital Life“ will be performed, starring Milos Timotijevic and Tamara Krcunovic. On July the 13th, a comic monodrama by Branko Djuric called “What has got into me?!“ will take place, starring Andjelka Prpic. The second part of July is dedicated to the European Film Festival, which will present European films as well as world blockbusters (July the 20th-26th).

In addition to the events on the Summer Stage, there will also be a Summer3p festival in July, which will take place at the Men’s Lido this year, from July the 26th  to July the 28th.

August 2019

Three plays and two concerts await us in August. The first play is „The colors of the hideaway“ starring Petar Strugar, Uros Jovcic and Djordje Stojkovic, which takes place on August the  2nd, followed by Jelena Tomasevic’s concert next weekend (on August the 10th). After the concert, another performance, one that received a great response last year – The Hotel 88 (on the  the 1st  of August).After this play, a concert by Masimo Savic will take place on  the 24th of August. At the end of August, we are expecting a comic play called „The Government Job“ (on the 30th of August).

September 2019

On the 12th of September we expect a comic stand up performance by „Djurologija“, while the Sergej Cetkovic’s concert will take place on the 14th of September, for the third time in a row.

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the program is subject to changes that will be updated in a timely manner. You can follow all upcoming events in the Events category.