Tourist numbers continue to increase

Official statistic shows that Palic was visited by a total of 28,725 tourists (7.8% more than last year) who have made 48,532 overnight stays (7.6% more than the previous year). From these data it can be concluded that the average number of nights per tourist is 1.69.


The number of domestic tourists increased by 21.2%,  (a total of 17,641) while the number of foreign tourists decreased by 8.4%. A similar trend is accompanied by a number of overnight stays – domestic tourist has more overnights stays – 7.6% (a total of 31,299) while a foreign tuorist had less overnights stays – 12.5% (a total of 17,233).

Generally speaking, in the whole Serbia the number of tourists has increased by 13% and the number of nights -13.3%. The largest increase in visits has made Ivanjica (86.2%), Banja Koviljaca (52.6%), Banja Vrdnik (30%), Zlatibor (20.4%), while the largest decrease was Mataruska spa of up to 60.4% while Kanjiza spa has decreased by 14.9%.