Park Palic Ltd was founded by the Republic of Serbia, the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Subotica with a clear commitment to make Palic a high category European tourist destination.

The settlement’s development strategy is defined by the Tourist Complex Development Project Master Plan.

Park Palic tasks

The main task of Park Palic Ltd is to prepare, evaluate and control the Master Plan, in order to:

  • create a high-ranking tourist destination according to sustainable development principles,
  • create new jobs,
  • purposely utilize government property in order to valorise tourist resources

Park Palic Ltd is both a partner and a service provider for all investors interested in investing in the projects foreseen by the Master Plan.

Park Palic’s activities

The Company’s scope covers the following activities:

  • managing the tourist area
  • identifying the locations
  • drafting preliminary designs for individual locations
  • developing a feasibility study
  • announcing calls for tenders to select the most suitable partner for specific projects
  • defining contractual relations with the selected partner
  • project management

To faciliate safe and efficient investments, there are infrastructurally fully equipped locations at the disposal of the investors, which are in the property of the city of Subotica!