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The 3rd Wine Marathon was held in Palic

The Palic Wine Marathon is the most entertaining wine and sports event in the region, as it was visited by competitors from 16 countries, who ran through the vineyards while tasting wines of the best Palic wineries.

Visitors were from: Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and traditionally besides Serbia, most of the runners came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary.

The winner in the Half Marathon Wine Race is Miklos Bruner from the Hajduk MT Kula Club, and in the women’s competition Ines Jozic from Croatia.

The winners of the Fun Race are Katarina Stojkovic from MTS Serbia and Jozes Njari from Hungary.

After the end of the race, all participants and visitors continued their wine and local gastronomic specialties tasting, at the Grand Terrace. Many participants took part in interesting wine workshops, sailed the Wine Boat, went on wine picnics, and organized a fun competition in rolling wine barrels, which was followed by lots of cheering and laughter.

Participants in this year’s Wine Marathon have joined the fundraising campaign to build a parental home in Belgrade for children with cancer by downloading the „Pruzi korak“ application, which registered the kilometers all contestants passed, which is being cashed by Serbian donor companies and donated to those in need.

The Wine Marathon is a unique event that combines sports, wine, gastronomy and music in a fun way that brings joy.