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Works in Palic as a part of ongoing maintenance

The end of the Summer season does not mean the end of our activities in Palic, as well. With the aim of constantly improving our destination, in the last couple of months our goal was to solve some serious, long-standing problems in the Palic tourist area

Setting up an urban street furniture

In the central tourist area of ​​Palić, near the restaurant „Mala gostiona“, the old wooden poles were dismantled and new concrete balls were installed. A total of 100 balls were placed in this area.

The rehabilitation of part of the promenade by the Sandy beach

In the immediate vicinity of Sandy Beach, due to the settling of the soil and water that flow through the „channel“ below the track, the boards on the trail collapsed. With the rehabilitation of the trail, the ground as well as the boards were leveled and a new water drainage pipe was installed, which would solve the problem for a long time and prevent the soil from settling further and the path on the Sandy beach collapsing.

Air conditioning fence reconstruction at the Eco Center facility

The old wooden fence for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, which was in very poor condition, was completely replaced by a new, handmade fence that refreshed the exterior and made the Access to the Eco Center even nicer.

Asphalt Revitalization at Women’s Lido

The revitalization of asphalt at the Women’s Lido has solved the long-standing problem of collecting water after the rains in the area, making it inaccessible to users and visitors. Revitalization work included works on the paving and the application of humus on the berm of tracks.

Dismantling of old and installation of new gutters at the Eco Center facility

During September and October, a complete dismantling of the gutters at the Eco Center facility was carried out, as well as the construction and installation of new ones.

Works on rehabilitation of sewer line damage by faucet

As the strong roots of the surrounding trees punctured the sewage tap of the fountain in the heart of the tourist center of Palic, so it seemed that due to the use of the faucet, the water overflows and floods the part around the faucet, so we had to carry out some works to senate it and to resolve the problem. During the spring of 2020, the fountain itself will be accessed and will be operational again before the start of the tourist season in Palic.

Design and installation of a new fence on the Big Terrace

The outer fence of the east wing of the Grand Terrace, due to weather and other incidents, declined over time and posed a danger to walkers, as rotten wooden parts were in poor condition. complete dismantling of the old one and the construction of a new fence were carried out, which was placed on the East Wing of the Grand Terrace during November. In 2020, the West Wing fence of the outer terrace will also be reconstructed.