The traditional "Harvest days" manifestation in Palic has been canceled

Dear visitors and admirers of Palic and the traditional Harvest Days manifestation,

After a long discussion and monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the country and the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Crisis Staff, in consultations with our longtime associates, we have made the decision that the traditional manifestation Harvest days will not take place this year. With our conscientious behavior and canceling of our manifestation, we wish to follow


Let's be responsible!

Dear visitors of the Palic tourist zone and the public Sandy Beach,

We are glad you’ve chosen Palic as your favorite summer destination this year. Also, we cannot help but notice the return of our fellow citizens and other visitors to our public Sandy Beach in Palic.

In order to preserve the health of us all, we appeal for you to follow all measures recommended by the Republic of Serbia Crisis headquarters, as well as the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health o


160th Birth anniversary of Lajos Vermes

Lajos Vermes (Lajos Nagybudafalvi Vermes 1860-1945), a sports legend of Subotica and Palic was born on the 27th of June 1860. Vermes was a landowner, benefactor, sports lover and an athlete, who advocated the motto: a healthy spirit in a healthy body, and promoting sports in general.


Summer stage events

The month of June is traditionally the time when many events are meant to take place, especially on the Summer stage in Palic. Those who are looking forward to the beginning of the season, will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the program created by Park Palic.

The following events will take place on the Summer stage :

  1. The 26th of June (Friday) Our famous actor Petar Bozovic performing in the play based on the novel by Matija Beckovic – „A man told me,


People who made Palic history - Ana Beslic, the first sculptor of Subotica

„In sculpture making, one should avoid telling stories. That’s what words are for. I think that the story should not be implanted in stone, wood or bronze,  it should be left to the freely made form of one stone, wood or bronze, to speak its own language, its own story … “

Quote: Ana Beslic for „TV Novosti“ in 1980. (source: Yugopapir.com)