Summer stage events

The month of June is traditionally the time when many events are meant to take place, especially on the Summer stage in Palic. Those who are looking forward to the beginning of the season, will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the program created by Park Palic.

The following events will take place on the Summer stage :

  1. The 26th of June (Friday) Our famous actor Petar Bozovic performing in the play based on the novel by Matija Beckovic – „A man told me,


People who made Palic history - Ana Beslic, the first sculptor of Subotica

„In sculpture making, one should avoid telling stories. That’s what words are for. I think that the story should not be implanted in stone, wood or bronze,  it should be left to the freely made form of one stone, wood or bronze, to speak its own language, its own story … “

Quote: Ana Beslic for „TV Novosti“ in 1980. (source: Yugopapir.com)


Subotica and Palic presented their offer at Belgrade Tourism Fair

The 42nd International Tourism Fair was opened at Belgrade, together with three related exhibitions – the International BeoWine Wine Fair, the Horeca-Equipment International Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair and the Souvenir Fair. Tourism Fair was opened by Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic with the message that the year 2020 will be year of reforms and new investments in Serbian tourism.

The Fair opened its halls for visitors who rushed in


140th anniversary of Palic Olympic games

As many people know, the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece, in the glory of the supreme god Zeus in 776 B.C. The Games were organized as a competition between the Greek cities – a sort of battle for prestige. They were held every four years and the period between the Games was called „The Olympics” and was used as a unit for time calculation. The importance of the Olympic Games is supported by the fact that at the time of the competition all conflicts were suspended.


Summer stage celebrates 70 years of existence

Built as an aspiration of many previous generations, the Summer Stage has been beautifying the Grand park  for the past 70 years.

According to some sources, the idea of ​​building a theater dates from the 19th century.  In the catalog of the Third International Film Festival, Bela Duranci states that Lajos Vermes had a license for building the theater, which he later demolished. A draft for the theater was preserved at the Historical Archives of Subotica; before that, in 1881, th