Grand terrace for Easter holiday full with children

During the Easter holidays, at the Grand Terrace  was an event  intended primarily for children. The event was organized by the hoteliers who want to provide quality entertainment for theirs guests, who were mostly families with children.

On Holy Saturday, the children had the opportunity to seek Easter eggs that were hidden on the Terrace, and then they painted them. There was also a big Styrofoam Easter egg donated by a company Masterplast intended for children to pain and then


Opened new sports complex in Palic

Sports fields near the sports complex „Janko Pejanovic“ in Palic, were restored thanks to the donation of the Japanese Government, implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) within the project „Development of the vitality of the municipalities through migrant overcoming the crisis.“



New outdoor gym and a basketball court

Tthe Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, carries out reconstruction and construction of basketball courts and a outdor gym. Basketball courts and a gym is placed between a Men’s Lido and Sandy beache, ie. in the park between the Rowing Club Palic and former restaurant Fontana.

As a part of the project it will be renovated benches and tables that are already there so the whole area will be attractive for visitors.


Walking trail reconstruction

As part of the annual business program, the plan is arranging pedestrian infrastructure in the tourist area of the Palic. Last year started the reconstruction works of walking trails.

The trail is paved with double layer compacted concrete slabs, with a length of about 550 m, starting from the parking lot near the former restaurant Fontana. The project of recostruction involves setting up 10 benches and 10 trash cans along the track.


Palic at the world's largest tourism fair

Park Palic Ltd. participated in the world’s largest tourism fair held in Berlin, called ITB Berlin. The fair was held from 8 to 12 March.

Palic presented its offer at the stand of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, together with tourism organizations of  Belgrade, Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Cacak, Nis, Dimitrovgrad, Pozarevac, Despotovac, Zlatibor, as well as representatives of the tourism industry from Magellan travel agency, Tour operator Serbia, Turorama, Wild Serbia Adventure, R