Swedish delegation visiting Palic

Swedish delegation from city Sandviken is in an official visit to Subotica and Palic. They have business meeting with CEO of Park Palic Ltd. mr Nebojsa Darabos and his associate mr Michell Rohman.



Not recommended ice skating on the lake

First days in new year brought a sharp winter and temperatures in the minus. The consequence of negative temperatures are frozen lake and many people see it as a call for winter sports, ie. skating and sledding on the lake.

However, whether the lake is safe and whether there is a fear that the ice cracks or breaks through? Park Palić doesn’t recommend walking, skating or sledding on the lake because no one can ensure that ice does not crack.



Sidewalks reconstruction on Palic

Sidewalks recostruction in streets Splitksa aleja and Jozefa Hegedisa is a part of annual plan.

Splitska aleja street will be reconstructed along the 140 meters from parking at Mala gostiona restaurant and near the Abazija cinema.

In Jozefa Hegedisa street will be done also sidewalk reconstruction and lumbering the high trees. The main problem is that the tree roots are under the sidewalks. All the trees will be renewed in the next period.

Public procurement of sidewalk r


WiFi hotspot in park near Grand terrace

At the most visited tourist area of Palic, on the promenade in the Great Park near Grand terrace is appointed Wifi park, which will provide fast, high quality and free internet to all Palic visitors.

Wifi park is the result of cooperation between „Telekom Serbia“ and the company „Park Palic“.

Our common goal is customer satisfaction and will try to be maximally active in the process of responding and adapting to the latest technologies and therefore the