Great increase of tourist traffic in Palic

By the end of August 2019, the Republic Bureau of Statistics of Serbia published statistical data on tourist traffic in Serbia.

Data on tourist traffic in Palic show that the total number of tourist arrivals and overnights in Palic obviously increased in 2019, compared to the previous year.

Comparing the data for 4 months, which are considered the tourist season (May, June, July, August), the total number of tourist arrivals increased in 2019 by 11%. In the 4 months mentioned ab


Concert “Bajaga i instruktori” was held in Palic

On Saturday 09/28/2019 a concert by the legendary Belgrade rock band “Bajaga I instruktori” was held at the Summer Stage in Palic. This spectacular concert was the crown of more than a successful entertaining program that took place this year on the Summer stage in Palic.

Many in the audience envoked memories by listening to songs “Voz”, “Dobro jutro Džezeri”, “Tišina”, “Berlin” and many others.

The weather was as we expected it, so the rain bypassed the Su


The 3rd Wine Marathon was held in Palic

The Palic Wine Marathon is the most entertaining wine and sports event in the region, as it was visited by competitors from 16 countries, who ran through the vineyards while tasting wines of the best Palic wineries.


Harvest Days in Palic

On the weekend days of September 14th and 15th, the 30th Harvest Days were held in Palic. Park Palic Ltd, with its co-organizers, has created a rich program, which has been equally interesting for all ages, so this year we’ve set the record in visits, by residents of Subotica, Palic, and tourists from other cities and countries as well. This was certainly aided by the excellent organization, never more exhibitors, rich gastronomic offer, a cultural art program and, of course, beautiful sunn


Aleksandra Radovic concert in Palic

On Sunday, after a delay due to weather conditions, Aleksandra Radovic held a concert Summer stage in Palić. Over 600 fans came to Palic to enjoy the beautiful. The audience  sang famous hits such as „Cuvam te“, “Kao so u moru”, „Bivsi dragi“, „Beskrajno“ and many others.

After the end of the concert, which lasted less than two hours, the audience left the Summer stage with an eruption of positive emotions and with the hope that Aleksandra Rado