Continuous growth of tourists on Palic

New data by the Statistical Office of the Repulic, show an increase in the number of tourists in Palić for 2017 year, which is, compared to 2016, 11%, while the number of overnight stays increased by slightly less than 8%.


31.879 guests have visited Palic during 2017, from which 19.248 were domestic visitors, and had a total of 33.454 overnight stays, while 12.631 of them were foreigners and had 18.800 overnight stays.


The increase in the number of visits and overnight stays in Palic is a result of serious investments in 2017, which led to bringing back glow and beauty that Palic had long before. Also, facilities of great importance for the development of tourism had been renovated, such as Great Terrace, Thermal Pool and Summer Stage. Furthermore, marketing activities of the Park Palic company changed it’s strategy of attracting tourists, so now it relies more on their own activities of organizing events and animation of visitors.

It is significant that since 2012 there has been a constant growth of 5 to 20% per annum.

Considering the support that Park Palic has from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Government of APV, and Local Government, upcoming period will be rich with investments, in order to improve the tourist offer and the development of infrastructure in Palic, which will significantly increase the number of visitors in future.

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