The Finn Match Race Cup – Vesna Skala Memorial was held from the 10th to the 11th of April on Lake Palic. This is a regatta for the FINN class, which is organized according to the international rules of the „Match race“, ie it was held as a tournament system – by relegation in a direct duel.

Gathered for the fifth time, contestors from all over Serbia – Belgrade, Smederevo and Palic, a total of 26 of them entered the competition.

The winner of the 5th FINN Match race Cup – Vesna Skala Memorial is Milan Djordjevic from the Yachting Club „Sava“, the second place was taken by Nikola Marjanovic from the Yachting Club „Ada“, while the third place is shared by the competitors of the Yachting Club „Palic“ – Dejan Zakic and Balint Firstner.

На Палићу одржан Finn Match Race куп

На Палићу одржан Finn Match Race куп

На Палићу одржан Finn Match Race куп

На Палићу одржан Finn Match Race куп

На Палићу одржан Finn Match Race куп


Palic is again covered in snow after a long time, to the much satisfaction of all its visitors. The opportunity is ideal for everyone to feel the atmosphere at the Grand Park and enjoy the view of the lake.

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године

Стигао је први снег ове године


Winter holidays tend to bring that special atmosphere and joy to our homes.

Following the example of many other cities, a Christmas decoration with Christmas tree has been placed at the Grand Terrace and at the Grand Park,  which symbolically marks the beginning of these holidays.



This year’s novelty are the Christmas lights placed at the Music Pavilion, thus enriching its appearance, to the much satisfaction of all Palic visitors.




The beginnings of tourism go all away back to the distant past. At first, tourism was not in the form in which we know it today, and was not of a great scope. Today, tourist movements occupy a very important place in people’s lives and deserve special attention.

Tourism has a great impact on cultural, social, political and economic values. Developing a tourist destination is a broad and complex task which involves several aspects that must included and taken into account.

Statistical indicators of tourist traffic from the year 2017 until today show a serious growing tendency for Palic as a tourist destination. During the year 2019, the number of tourists registered in the accommodation facilities in the Palic area was 33.668, which is around 11% more than during the year 2018. Palic is a place that attracts mostly domestic tourists, but there is a noticeable increase in the number of foreign guests. The number of overnight stays in the year 2019 was 62.718, which is around 23% more than the year 2018.

It is estimated that during the year 2019, Palic was visited by over 500.000 tourists throughout the year. Even the „COVID“ year 2020 is not statistically bad for Palic, on the contrary, the number of overnight stays during June and July was higher for around 20% compared to the same period in 2019, which is a rareness and a positive example compared to the other destinations.

We cannot help but notice the synergy between the increase of tourist traffic in Palic and a series of investments in the infrastructure of Palic during the period from the year 2017 until now, when over 250 million dinars were invested trough all three governament levels for reconstruction, recovery and construction and one billion dinars provided for the construction of a modern wellness and spa center with the Aqua Park in Palic.

The left wing of the Grand Terrace was reconstructed, a judge’s tower was built on the West coast, over 2,000 square meters of wooden pier on the Men’s Lido was rehabilitated, more than 2 kilometers of path were built along the coast and within the Great Park, the Summer Stage was reconstructed in two phases, the thermal pool has been repared, the Sandy beach and the park have been renovated with new facilities and inventory. Funds have also been provided for the rehabilitation of two public toilets in the tourist zone of Palic, as well as for the construction of the Adventure Park in Palic. All this and of course the completion of the largest capital project – the construction of the wellness and spa center with Aqua Park in Palic is a responsible approach of the manager of Palic tourist area, because without constant investments and care, there isn’t such a thing as a good tourist destination.

See the photo attachment in our gallery:




The Mayor of Subotica, Stevan Bakic, visited today the construction site of the spa center and aqua park in Palic. Mayor Bakic stated that the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Provincial Government and the City of Subotica provided dinars for the realization of this project, which is being carried out in two phases. This investment, which is very important to our city, should be finished until the beginning of March 2021.

Recalling that the cornerstone for the construction of the spa center and aqua park in the area of the Men’s Lido in Palic was laid on the 15th of December 2018, Mayor Bakic stated that the first phase has been completed, and that the second and final phase has begun this year during March, which is planned to last for 250 days, and to be finished by the end of the year 2020.

„Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the consequences caused by this disease, a consortium of contractors led by the company „Alex Engineering and Construction“ from Belgrade often worked with 50% capacity, the deadline for the completion of the spa center with aqua park was extended for 110 days, that is until March 2021 „, Mayor Bakic pointed out.

The realization of this project which involves using natural resources of thermomineral water in Palic will develop both spa and congress tourism, said Mayor Bakic and added that all this will reflect on the economic environment that will attract many domestic and foreign investors to invest their capital in Palic.

„This is an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Government of Serbia and the Provincial Government for the huge support in the realization of this very important investment for the city of Subotica. I would also like to thank the consortium of contractors for meeting deadlines, fulfilling the obligations and for the quality of their performances, as well as the esteemed media representatives for their great interest in the realization of this project.“

The director of LLC „Park Palic“, Nebojsa Darabos, reminded everyone that the complex is being built on an area of 4.4 hectares, that five pools will be built on 28.5 thousand square meters of outdoor space, at least one of which will be with thermomineral water,  and that five swimming pools and the spa facilities will be built in a closed part on an area of around three thousand square meters.

„The maximum capacity is 2.500 users, with a maximum of 500 visitors planned for the closed part of the complex, and 2.000 visitors in the outdoor part of the complex,“ said Darabos.

Speaking about other investments this year in Palic, he stated that LLC „Park Palic“ provided funds from the relevant ministry for the construction of the „Adventure Park“, which will enrich the contents of the Sandy Beach, as well as for the reconstruction of toilet facilities – the first one near the restaurant „Mala gostiona“ and the second one at the Sandy Beach.

To see the photos from the tour follow the link:




Dear visitors and admirers of Palic and the traditional Harvest Days manifestation,

After a long discussion and monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the country and the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Crisis Staff, in consultations with our longtime associates, we have made the decision that the traditional manifestation Harvest days will not take place this year. With our conscientious behavior and canceling of our manifestation, we wish to follow the responsible decisions made by the City of Subotica, which has canceled numerous manifestations so far, and also to highlight that the health and safety of all of us is the most important thing right now.

We hope to see you next year, until then-take care!

Park Palic



Dear visitors of the Palic tourist zone and the public Sandy Beach,

We are glad you’ve chosen Palic as your favorite summer destination this year. Also, we cannot help but notice the return of our fellow citizens and other visitors to our public Sandy Beach in Palic.

In order to preserve the health of us all, we appeal for you to follow all measures recommended by the Republic of Serbia Crisis headquarters, as well as the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina, and to apply the 1.5 to 2 meters distance in all directions,  to wash your hands more often and wear masks when entering and visiting restaurants, and to avoid visiting public places if you suspect the presence of the COVID19 virus.

Let’s be responsible!




Lajos Vermes (Lajos Nagybudafalvi Vermes 1860-1945), a sports legend of Subotica and Palic was born on the 27th of June 1860. Vermes was a landowner, benefactor, sports lover and an athlete, who advocated the motto: a healthy spirit in a healthy body, and promoting sports in general.


Photo: Vermes in his fencing equipment

He obtained the degree of professor of physical culture and worked at the Higher Gymnasium in Subotica,  later also at the University and the Unitary Gymnasium in Cluj (Romania). After returning from Pest medical school, together with his brothers Bela and Nandor, he founded two sports clubs: gymnastics and athletics. Vermes started his sports career at the National Athletic club, and after a series of great results, he became a renowned gymnast and a well-known athlete in the then Austro-Hungarian monarchy, known as a versatile athlete –  swimmer, gymnast, wrestler, swordsman and cyclist.


Photo: Vermes as a versatile athlete

Vermes organized the International Sports Games in Palic with his own efforts and revenues,  which are today known under the name „The Palic Olympics“. The story of the Olympics began in 1876 with his departure to Naples, where he took measure from Miron’s „Disc Thrower“ sculpture and made exactly the same piece of equipment for the Palic Olympics.

Vermes managed to implement his idea on the 26th of August 1880, when the first competition was held and only three sports disciplines (wrestling, long jump and shot put) were included in the competition, but their number increased during later years and the program included gymnastics, swimming, athletics, boxing, wrestling, fencing, rowing and cycling. In order for the games to be held, he set up sports equipment in his orchard in Palic and built athletic tracks for the competition.


Photo: Palic Olympics

For this competition, he built the first 500 meters long ellipsoidal shaped bicycle path in this part of Europe, also known as „The Closed Arena“,  for it was surrounded by grandstands with seats. Along with the path and the stadium, he built an Olympic village on the shore, where competitors had the privilege to settle – the Villa „Bagojvar“, better known as „The Owl’s  Tower“, and the Villa „Lujza“.


Photo: Villa „Bagojvar“, Palic


Photo: Villa „Lujza“, Palic

Vermes gathered hundreds of the best athletes from all over Europe, 16 years before Pierre de Coubertin renewed the modern Olympic Games. He was guided by the idea of founding sports games and the intention to continue the tradition of the Olympic Games, for the initiative of reviving the Olympics has not yet been launched. Unlike the modern games, the Palic Olympic Games were followed by an audience with higher incomes, while the contestants belonged to the poorer strata of society (with rare exceptions). Vermesh’s efforts to keep his sports society open to all without any discrimination deserve special attention. The organization had a multinational character and everyone could participate.

Vermes also proved himself to be a great organizer. He was able to gather a huge number of viewers and competitors, introducing new ideas every year, new disciplines and innovated rules, better conditions for the competitors, with a firm idea of nurturing the spirit of Olympism. He also tried not to let anything that happened go unnoticed and unpublished in the newspapers he collaborated with, as well as in the ones he founded and edited himself. The Palic Olympic Games were held in both summer and winter, and lasted from 1880 to 1914. Unfortunately, World War I put an end to The Palic Olympic Games.


Photo: training ground of the Cluj University

He continued to spread his ideas in Cluj, where he was hired in 1896 as a professor of sports and fencing master, but he remained a permanent devotee of Palic. Lajos Vermes died in Subotica in 1945.


Photo: Lajos Vermes (around the year 1915)

In the memory of this perhaps most impressive person from the sports history of the region, the most prestigious award – the „Lajos Vermes“ medal, was established for the most significant sports successes. The Palic Olympic Games were renewed in the year 2000, with the founding of the Sports Association „Olimpija“, and the celebration of the 120th anniversary since the opening of the Games. In 2004, a monument dedicated to Lajos Vermes was erected in Palic, and the promenade along the lake shore was named after him.


Photo: monument dedicated to Lajos Vermes, Palic


The month of June is traditionally the time when many events are meant to take place, especially on the Summer stage in Palic. Those who are looking forward to the beginning of the season, will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the program created by Park Palic.

The following events will take place on the Summer stage :

  1. The 26th of June (Friday) Our famous actor Petar Bozovic performing in the play based on the novel by Matija Beckovic – „A man told me, we’ll talk some more“, organized by „Aleksandra travel“ Subotica
  2. The 28th of June (Sunday) – Hilarious hit comedy performed by Dragan Marinkovic Maca – „Like wife, like life“, organized by „Denmax“ Subotica
  3. The 3rd of July (Friday) Theatrical play „Red“ organized by „Association Vitor for the promotion of culture“ Subotica – Postponed until further notice!
  4. The 11th of July (Saturday) Andjelka Prpic performing in the play „What befalls me“, organized by „GMR“ Belgrade – Postponed until further notice!
  5. The 14th of July (Tuesday)  – Our famous actor Milan Lane Gutovic in the play „Ordinary evening „, organized by „Aleksandra Travel“ Subotica – Postponed until further notice!
  6. The 16th of July (Thursday) – Dragan Marinkovic Maca in the new hit play „Ko ti trese tresnju“, organized by „Denmax“ Subotica – Postponed until further notice!
  7. The 18th of July (Saturday) the legendary band „Bajaga i instruktori“, will entertain the Summer stage audience. The concert is organized by „GMR“ Belgrade – Postponed until further notice!
  8. The 23rd of July (Thursday) regional music star Petar Graso will entertain the Summer stage audience. The concert is organized by „Music Star Production“ Belgrade – Postponed until further notice!
  9. The 31st of July (Friday) – Theatrical play „Plastic“ organized by „Association Vitor for the promotion of culture“ Subotica – Postponed until further notice!
  10. The 22nd of August (Saturday) – Hilarious comedy „Those things“, organized by „GMR“ Belgrade – Postponed until further notice!
  11. The 27th of August (Thursday) – Theatrical play „Last chance“ organized by „Association Vitor for the Promotion of Culture“ Subotica – Canceled!
  12. The 29th of August (Saturday) –  Dubravka Mijatovic performing in the play „Word around town“, organized by „GMR“ Belgrade – Postponed until further notice!
  13. The 12th of September (Saturday) –  Theatrical play „Hysteria“ organized by „Association Vitor for the promotion of culture“ Subotica – Canceled!
  14. The 13th of September (Saturday)  – The famous trio and „The public job“, organized by „GMR“ Belgrade – Canceled!
  15. The 18th of September (Friday) Theatrical play „North-East“ organized by „Association Vitor for the promotion of culture“ Subotica- Canceled!

The organizers reserve the right to change the date of the events, and the list of events has not yet been fully formed. Information are available on the Park Palic Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on the website in the News section, while the announcements of events will be posted in the Events section on the Park Palic website.



„In sculpture making, one should avoid telling stories. That’s what words are for. I think that the story should not be implanted in stone, wood or bronze,  it should be left to the freely made form of one stone, wood or bronze, to speak its own language, its own story … “

Quote: Ana Beslic for „TV Novosti“ in 1980. (source:


Photo: Ana Beslic during 1960’s

Ana Beslic was born on the 16th of March, 1912, in the „Sara Pustara“ farmhouse near Bajmok (north Backa region). She finished elementary school in Bajmok, and continued her education in Zagreb, Graz and Vienna. At the age of 18, she first comes into contact with clay that her father used to bring from the Danube river. Her first sculpture was a portrait of her father, and was lost during World War two.

She moved to Belgrade in 1937, and began her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1939, but was forced to pause due to the war.  After the war, she graduated in 1947 at the sculpture department of the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts.  Two years later she becomes an associate at professor Toma Rosandic’s  studio.

Ana Beslic had her first solo exhibition in 1954 in Subotica, together with Djordje Bosan. She was a participant of multiple art colonies and symposia, and many exhibitions of Yugoslav artists abroad. She gained the position of a modernist sculptor, in an almost exclusively male artist’s call, following her spontaneous and elegant path. Over the years, she created both monumental and sculptural works of art, that differ from other great monuments of that kind.

Along with Jovan Soldatovic, Ratimir Stojadinovic, Aleksandar Zarin, Misa Popovic, Jovan Kratohvil, Milos Saric and Olga Jancic, she was a member of a an artist group called Prostor 8 (1957-1958), who attempted to prove the multiple meaning of sculptures within architectural entities and city parks. After her studies in Germany (1967), Ana Beslic starts creating art using new materials – polyester.

Four periods of her creative cycle can be identified : education (until 1954), associative form (1954-1962), transitional period (1962 – 1966), and period of sphere (from 1966).


Photo: Sculpture 2a, 1973. Painted fiberglass, Subotica City Museum

She performed many well-known memorials and sculptures both outdoors and interior in many places of former Yugoslavia, and abroad. She won major awards and recognition: The October Salon award (Belgrade, 1973), October Award of the City of Belgrade (1979), Dr Ferenc Bodrogari award (Subotica, 1983), etc. Ana Beslic’s sculptures can be found in the collections both in the country and abroad. Her legacy consisting of twenty  sculptures are being preserved at Subotica City Museum since 1983.


Photo: sculpture „Birds“ as part of the fountain from 1913

In addition to the sculpture „Birds“ in the heart of the fountain from 1913, Ana Beslic donated two more beautiful sculptures to Palic that still enrich the area around the lake. The 1957 „Wings“, which was moved from the original place during 1981 to the Cape of Poetic Hope, and „Talija“ – the first sculpture in open space that has adorned the Summer Stage since 1951.


Photo: „Wings“ sculpture, Cape of Poetic Hope


Photo: sculpture „Talia“, the Summer stage

Ana Beslic died in Belgrade, on the 26th of January, 2008. This talented and unique sculptor will be remembered for many years to come.


The 42nd International Tourism Fair was opened at Belgrade, together with three related exhibitions – the International BeoWine Wine Fair, the Horeca-Equipment International Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair and the Souvenir Fair. Tourism Fair was opened by Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic with the message that the year 2020 will be year of reforms and new investments in Serbian tourism.

The Fair opened its halls for visitors who rushed in to enjoy in addition to the exclusive fair benefits, in the touristic and gastronomic offers, specialties of this region, as well as tasting best wines, brandies, different beverages, as well as souvenirs from all over Serbia. The country partner of the 42nd Belgrade International Tourism Fair was Egypt. By the 23rd of February, more than 900 exhibitors from 40 countries presented their tourist offer.


Subotica and Palic also presented their offers at the Belgrade Fair. The program included presentations of traditional local festivals such as Vinski maraton, Summer3p, Duzijanca and Rakija Festival. From the local exibitors, there was also „Su team” half – marathon with its presentation and equipment promotion.


At Subotica and Palic stand, visitors had the opportunity to participate in the prize game and win one of many awards, as well as competitions prepared by the Hotel Prezident and Palic Zoo. As part of their promotion of food and beverage tasting, there were Elitte Palic and wineries Petra, Vinski dvor, Tonkovic and Zvonko Bogdan, presenting their offers.


This was also an opportunity to announce the continuation of the Aqua Park Palic construction, which aims to attract visitors throughout the year.

From Labour Day, the tourist season begins in full swing, though it lasts for all 365 days of the year. A large number of different events and a rich cultural program is planned for the 70th anniversary of Palic  Summer Stage happening this year.


Palic spa has a noticeable increase for the year 2019, which was a record year for all of Subotica as a tourist destination, both in terms of overnight stays and arrivals. According to the official data of Republic of Serbia Statistical office, during the year 2019, Palic Spa had a total of 33 668 visitors, of which 20 779 were domestic and 12 889 were foreign. In terms of overnight stays, Palic records a total of 62 718 overnight stays, of which 42 307 are of domestic and 20 411 of foreign tourists. Speaking percentages, there was an increase of around 11 percent when it comes to the arrivals, while the number of overnight stays in 2019 was around 23 percent higher than the year 2018.

This year, further activities will be continued to improve the biodiversity of lake Palic, which will also affect the attractiveness of Palic as a tourist destination.

The prize winners are:

  • Elitte Palic-weekend for two: Marija Latinovic (Belgrade)
  • Hotel President-weekend for two: Radojica Burlic (Pozega), Luka Stamatovic (Sremska Mitrovica)
  • Villa Majur – weekend for two: Slobodan Cvorovic (Cacak), Dora Juhas (Backa Topola)
  • Palic ZOO -family ticket: Danijela Srdic (Backa Palanka), Teodora Andric (Belgrade), Zoran Kapusi (Belgrade), Isidora Kostic (Belgrade), Mirjana Toric (Belgrade)
  • Zvonko Bogdan Winery – two-people tour: Vladana Turkulj (Pancevo), Goran Bogdanovic (Bijeljina), Dusko Milojevic (Belgrade)
  • Hotel Gallery – a perfect weekend for 2: Valentino Calic (Novi Sad)
  • Salas Djordjevic-weekend for two: Kristina Tomic (Nis)
  • Hotel Forum-weekend for two: Bojana Radojevic, (Belgrade)
  • Villa Larus – weekend for two: Milos Krantic (Belgrade)
  • Villa Minic-weekend for two: Jovana Antonic (Nova Pazova), Natasa Milivojevic (Bajmok)
  • Jelen salas: weekend for two: Dragana Pavlovic (Kragujevac)
  • Villa Nikola’s-weekend for two: Sladjana Misic (Batajnica), Tanja Milankovic (Obrenovac)
  • Villa Amfora – weekend for two: Vesna Radosavljevic (Arandjelovac), Spomenka Karbinski (Zemun)
  • Gat-weekend for two: Makaji Branka (Zarkovo), Mirjana Medic (Apatin)
  • Hotel Patria – weekend for two: Branislava Davidovic (Novi Sad)
  • Villa Verona – weekend for two: Danijela Lakic (Zemun), Dragisa T. Milosevic (Belgrade)
  • Vinski dvor- lunch for two: Patricija Lisic (Novi Sad), Bojana Kuzelka (Belgrade)
  • European Film Festival Palic-Tickets: Katarina Glumac (Belgrade), Zoran Stojanovic (Belgrade), Ivan Kuzmic (Mladenovac), Olgica Buljovcic (Bikovo), Dzipa Jelena (Novi Sad)
  • Villa Milord – weekend for two: Marko Radovic (Kragujevac), Djordje Mitrovic (Belgrade)
  • Sitnicarnica-handicrafts, souvenirs: Sladjana Stojicevic (Belgrade), Dragoljub Puzovic (Belgrade), Ruzica Milenkovic (Belgrade), Jelica Gajin (Sremska Mitrovica)
  • Rakijada-tickets and package of glasses: Vladana Turkulj (Pancevo)
  • Summer3p- tickets for two: Tatjana Cohergne (Belgrade), Jasna Zdravkovic (Belgrade), Iva Uzelac (Novi  Sad), Marija Ilic (Smederevska Palanka), Kristina Tomic (Nis), Filip Vracaric (Belgrade), Verica Erceg (Belgrade)
  • Entrance fee for Subotica half marathon-5km: Tijana Simic (Novi Zednik)
  • Entrance Fee for Subotica Half Marathon-10km: Jadranka Soric (Gaj)
  • Entrance fee for Subotica half marathon- 21 km: Predrag Pantovic (Kragujevac)
  • Tonkovic Winery – wine tasting for 4 : Ivana Golubovic (Novi Sad)
  • Tonkovic Winery-wine tasting for 2: Tanja Veljovic (Kragujevac), Goran Sipraga (Belgrade)
  • Tonkovic Winery – a wine package: Mirjana Miloradovic (Despotovac), Momcilo Manic (Pozarevac)
  • Ergela Kelebija- a carriage ride for 4 people: Natasa Stanojevic (Ribarska Banja), Miroslav Pavlovic (Belgrade), Dijana Sreckovic (Mladenovac)
  • Adventure Park Furioso-ticket in the amount of 2500 dinars: Milica Stamenkovic (Lece), Zdravko Calic (Novi Sad), Dragana Pavlovic (Kragujevac), Dragana Kocic (Belgrade), Jelena Tepavcevic (Vrbas), Natasa Mikic (Subotica), Mirjana Milanovic (Zemun), Aleksandar Milojevic (Belgrade), Eva Beric (Kanjiza), Sirbik Olga (Belgrade)



For the full text on the 70th birthday of Summer Stage, see our News section, or click on the following link:



As many people know, the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece, in the glory of the supreme god Zeus in 776 B.C. The Games were organized as a competition between the Greek cities – a sort of battle for prestige. They were held every four years and the period between the Games was called „The Olympics” and was used as a unit for time calculation. The importance of the Olympic Games is supported by the fact that at the time of the competition all conflicts were suspended.

Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894, which led to the opening of the first modern games from the 6th to the 15th of April, 1896. The first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in the city of Athens, where it all began.


Photo: flag of the modern Olympic games

  However, not many people know that the forefunner to the modern Olympic Games was the Palic Olympics (1880-1914), where hundreds of the best athletes competed each year. It was founded by Baron Lajos Vermes, and opened on  the 26th of August, 1880.

Vermes himself is remembered as an talented athlete in many sports disciplines – swimming, athletics, gymnastics, wrestling, fencing and cycling.


Photo: Lajos Vermes on a bicycle

Although a wealthy landlord, Vermes was not interested in managing or spreading his estates. He came up with the idea of founding the Games in 1876, while visiting Naples, where he intended to take measures from the Discobolus of Myron statue (the discus thrower), to create the same kind of sports prop and to resurrect this ancient sports discipline. During the first competition, athletes competed in wrestling, long jump and shot put, and did not compete in the discus throw discipline.


Photo: The Discobolus of Myron, circa 460-450 B.C.

The second competition was held on the 17th of July, 1881, with a significantly enriched program, in seven disciplines (a 7 km racewalking, boxing, fencing, sprinting, shot put, gymnastics and swimming). Vermes introduced fencing as a new discipline for practical reasons – in the 1980’s, practicing a sport was the privilege of a narrow circle of wealthy people and aristocracy.

Later on, the number of disciplines increased with gymnastics, swimming, athletics, boxing, wrestling, fencing and cycling, that were added to the program. Athletes competed in bowling, jumping without running start, racewalking, sailing, skating, and there were some unusual disciplines such as swimming with obstacles and sailng on ice, pole vaulting into water, shot put up in the air… The racewalking discipline became an Olympic sport in 1904 (St. Louis USA Summer Olympics).


Photo: Wrestling competitors, Palic Olympic games

In order to provide a place for the Games to be held, Vermes is setting up gymnasiums and building athletic tracks in his orchard in Palic, and also building the first cycling track in this part of Europe (1884).


Photo: the first track in this part of Europe built by Vermes

Vermes also built an Olympic village for competitors, on the shore of Palic lake. Many more sports grounds were built, props and a grass terrain were also procured, and was available to all citizens to be used for picnics, ball games etc.

The Olympic Games were followed by a wealthy audience, while the competitors were people with less income (with few exceptions).

At that time, Palic was already a reputable spa and resort for wealthy, European nobility and the rich, and with the launch of the Palic Olympic games, Palic became a new sports center of Central Europe. The Olympic games were important to such an extent that the audience wore formal gowns while coming to the event. Extra trains were organized from Szeged for people to come to the Games, and the audience was greeted with music and gun salutes from cannons. Palic Olympics hosted athletes from Central European countries, but soon it became known throughout Europe. Athletes from the Kingdom of Serbia made their first appearance in 1884.


Photo: Fencing as one of the disciplines of Palic Olympic games

Palic Olympics was restored in the year 2000, in order to mark the 120th anniversary of its founding, and in 2004 a monument to Lajos Vermes was posted near Palic lakeshore. The promenade along the shore was named after him and the most prestigious sports award –  Lajos Vermes Medal was established  for the most significant sporting achievements.


Photo: Lajos Vermes monument,  Palic lakeshore


Built as an aspiration of many previous generations, the Summer Stage has been beautifying the Grand park  for the past 70 years.

According to some sources, the idea of ​​building a theater dates from the 19th century.  In the catalog of the Third International Film Festival, Bela Duranci states that Lajos Vermes had a license for building the theater, which he later demolished. A draft for the theater was preserved at the Historical Archives of Subotica; before that, in 1881, the director Bokodi Antal submitted the petition, but he also gave up on the idea. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was an increasing demand for building-up a new theater both for Subotica and Palic.

Despite the political and economic crisis that threatened to grow into a war, at the turning point of the 1940’s and 1950’s, there was a sudden boom in the cultural activities.

Although it was built in the mid-20th century, Summer stage is almost unique in its beauty, fitting perfectly into the Grand park greenery. The project was carried out by Baltazar Dulic, an architect from the AP Vojvodina governament office. Built out of natural untreated stone and brought from the village Rakovac in Fruska gora, the stage was raised near the lake itself, surrounded with pine trees. The Summer stage was opened in 1950, with the Vojvodina Opera performing plays „The sold bride“, „Travijata“ and „Seherezada“.


The Palic International Film Festival

Subotica Open University came up with the idea of creating a Film festival during the 1990’s, but it is only after 7-8 years the idea was crystallized. The Palic International Film Festival was founded in the year 1992. Many significant events take place at the Summer Stage, but it is most mentioned as a place where this famous film festival is being held.

Summer stage renovation

In the year 2017, due to the high demands for this facility during the summer, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications together with Park Palic Ltd, provided 9.5 million dinars for the renovation of the Summer stage. The adaptation involved the paving of the plateau at the entrance, the stairs and the reconstruction of the wooden-concrete benches. To see the complete adaptation list, click here.

The summer stage reached its peak in 2019, when it hosted over 30 different events – theater performances, concerts, operas, dance competitions, and other various events.









At the beginning of the 20th century, Palic had an exceptional tourist offer. The guests had spas with hot, cold and mud baths, numerous villas and rooms for rent, hotels, a summer stage, a library, various vessels and a complete Vermes sports center at their disposal.

Transportation was fast and efficient thanks to the rail and tram connections. Respectable citizens, landlords, wealthy merchants, bankers, industrialists from all over the Austro-Hungarian monarchy visited this place. The proof of how  demanding they were can be seen from the restaurant menu – some of these dishes are being served even today at the „Mala gostiona“restaurant. The wine list, along with the local ones, also included an offer of the best wines, based on the famous restaurants in Vienna and Budapest. Visitors were offered 25 daily and weekly newspapers in 5 languages, indicating that the tourists of that time were of different nationalities. Thus, long before the  of Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne or the Rogaska Slatina spas appeared on the tourist map, beautiful villas, summer residences and sports centers had already sprouted on the south of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, as the beginning of spa tourism in Vojvodina.

The Grand Terrace, with its proportions, a combination of structural elements, shapes, colors and openings, stood out with its special beauty. The only decoration was in the form of floral motivs is engraved and perforated in wooden elements.

The Grand Terrace promenade that runs through the building divides the ground floor into two units, one served as a pastry shop and the other as a restaurant, both with spacious terraces facing the lake. Towards the park there were two apsidal form bazaars in which there was a barber shop, a toy store and a paper shop. The lateral staircases are accessed by an upstairs lane that covers the passage and connects the two units into a single cube. In the central part there was a multi-purpose hall where balls, concerts, parties and theatrical performances were organized. It was opened towards the park with a terrace above the bazaar, while the stage and a terrace overlooked the lake. This multipurpose object has changed its function for many years.

Right in front of the Grand Terrace, from the same period and in the same style, is the smallest of the buldings – the Music Pavilion. In the spirit of the times, it has been used and is still being used as a place for promenade events.

After one century, the Grand Terrace becomes the most important congress center in this area. There are three congress halls with a maximum capacity of 360, 50 and 20 seats, intended for congresses, conferences, meetings as well as various exhibitions, events and performances.

The Palic Congress Center enables the organization of various types of business and other events in accordance with the needs of our clients. There are three facilities within the congress center: the Grand Terrace, the Eco Center and the Summer Stage.








In the very heart of the tourist area – in front of the Grand Terrace and in the Grand Park, a New Year’s Eve decoration, as well as a Christmas tree were placed, which symbolically marked the beginning of the festive atmosphere and Christmas and New Year holidays.


Palic Park, as the tourist area management company, has decided to enrich its offer and beautify the Grand Park, by purchasing decorative LED lighting in the form of light balls, light gifts of various sizes and a Christmas tree 5 meters high with accompanying decoration.


Given the enthusiasm of all visitors and tourists who have had the opportunity to see and enjoy the festive decoration of Palic, it is planned to be enriched with additional facilities every year.





The end of the Summer season does not mean the end of our activities in Palic, as well. With the aim of constantly improving our destination, in the last couple of months our goal was to solve some serious, long-standing problems in the Palic tourist area

Setting up an urban street furniture

In the central tourist area of ​​Palić, near the restaurant „Mala gostiona“, the old wooden poles were dismantled and new concrete balls were installed. A total of 100 balls were placed in this area.




The rehabilitation of part of the promenade by the Sandy beach

In the immediate vicinity of Sandy Beach, due to the settling of the soil and water that flow through the „channel“ below the track, the boards on the trail collapsed. With the rehabilitation of the trail, the ground as well as the boards were leveled and a new water drainage pipe was installed, which would solve the problem for a long time and prevent the soil from settling further and the path on the Sandy beach collapsing.





Air conditioning fence reconstruction at the Eco Center facility

The old wooden fence for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, which was in very poor condition, was completely replaced by a new, handmade fence that refreshed the exterior and made the Access to the Eco Center even nicer.





Asphalt Revitalization at Women’s Lido

The revitalization of asphalt at the Women’s Lido has solved the long-standing problem of collecting water after the rains in the area, making it inaccessible to users and visitors. Revitalization work included works on the paving and the application of humus on the berm of tracks.




Dismantling of old and installation of new gutters at the Eco Center facility

During September and October, a complete dismantling of the gutters at the Eco Center facility was carried out, as well as the construction and installation of new ones.






Works on rehabilitation of sewer line damage by faucet

As the strong roots of the surrounding trees punctured the sewage tap of the fountain in the heart of the tourist center of Palic, so it seemed that due to the use of the faucet, the water overflows and floods the part around the faucet, so we had to carry out some works to senate it and to resolve the problem. During the spring of 2020, the fountain itself will be accessed and will be operational again before the start of the tourist season in Palic.





Design and installation of a new fence on the Big Terrace

The outer fence of the east wing of the Grand Terrace, due to weather and other incidents, declined over time and posed a danger to walkers, as rotten wooden parts were in poor condition. complete dismantling of the old one and the construction of a new fence were carried out, which was placed on the East Wing of the Grand Terrace during November. In 2020, the West Wing fence of the outer terrace will also be reconstructed.





The City of Subotica, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and other public companies in the territory of the City of Subotica, signed a contract with the Government of Germany at the end of November 2017 through the KFW Bank for the project „Biodiversity Conservation of Lake Palic and Ludas“ totaling € 6.5 million , which aims to create better conditions for biodiversity conservation and potential for tourism development in the area.

We invite all students of the High School and the Polytechnic Secondary School in Subotica to show what they know and are able to, to participate in the creation of the visual identity and popular name of the project „Biodiversity Conservation and Water of Palic and Ludas Lakes“ and win valuable prizes.

In order to participate in creating a visual identity for a project, it is necessary to:

  • Attend the Polytechnic School in Subotica – Graphic Design in Serbian and Hungarian languages, grades I to IV,
  • Deliver the designed project logo in the following formats: eps., Pdf., Ai., And jpeg.,
  • Submit proposal by December 16, 2019

In order to participate in the creation of a popular project name, it is necessary to:

  • Attend High School in Subotica – social language department in Serbian language, grades I to IV
  • Submit your proposal by 12/16/2019

The most successful, most original and highest prizes are awarded for the purchase of computer equipment according to the following classification:

  • First place – 350 Euro voucher,
  • Second place – 100 Euro voucher,
  • Third place – 50 Euro voucher.



The best works of both competitions will be decided by an expert commission consisting of:

  • Ivana Jovanović, B.Sc. prof. of Serbian language and literature
  • Nora Ljubenovic Evetovic, master visual artist-painter
  • Daniela Bucalo, Artistic Director, Graphic Communications
  • Marta Dobo, Director of JP „Palić Ludas“
  • Blasko Arpad, Director of the Contemporary Gallery Subotica
  • Jelena Misita, Senior PR Consultant, Media Advisor

More detailed information on the project „Biodiversity Conservation and Waters of Palic and Ludas Lakes“ can be obtained at


By the end of August 2019, the Republic Bureau of Statistics of Serbia published statistical data on tourist traffic in Serbia.

Data on tourist traffic in Palic show that the total number of tourist arrivals and overnights in Palic obviously increased in 2019, compared to the previous year.

Comparing the data for 4 months, which are considered the tourist season (May, June, July, August), the total number of tourist arrivals increased in 2019 by 11%. In the 4 months mentioned above, we recorded 15,288 arrivals, compared to 13,750 tourist arrivals for the same period in 2018.

Even more dramatically increased the total number of tourist overnight stays in 2019 – a total of 23.5%. In the last 4 months, 29,430 overnight stays were recorded, compared to 23,866 stays in the same period in 2018.

There is a much higher increase in arrivals and overnight stays of domestic tourists than in foreign countries.

This more than satisfactory information is the result of a serious and long-term planning of tourism development in Palic by Park Palic Ltd, which manages the tourist area Palic.

Continuous improving Palic as the destination, landscaping and construction of promenade, much better and more creative sports zone, entertainment and hospitality offer, cultural and artistic facilities as the Summer Stage, as well as many other accompanying contents that make one complete and rich offer, have obviously not gone unnoticed by tourists.

Of course, we should not forget the Congress tourism, which is in great part of tourism in Palic, thanks to the year-round functional facilities such as Grand terrace, Summer stage and Eco center.

Along with investments in tourism offer, great attention is paid to investments in infrastructure in Palić, as one of the preconditions for further development of tourism in Palic and new investments.

There is excellent cooperation with the republican and provincial authorities, who have recognized the  great potential of Palic as a tourist destination and the efforts of Park Palic Ltd to turn „great potential“ into great success.






On Saturday 09/28/2019 a concert by the legendary Belgrade rock band “Bajaga I instruktori” was held at the Summer Stage in Palic. This spectacular concert was the crown of more than a successful entertaining program that took place this year on the Summer stage in Palic.

Many in the audience envoked memories by listening to songs “Voz”, “Dobro jutro Džezeri”, “Tišina”, “Berlin” and many others.

The weather was as we expected it, so the rain bypassed the Summer stage during the concert.

More photos can be found at:







The Palic Wine Marathon is the most entertaining wine and sports event in the region, as it was visited by competitors from 16 countries, who ran through the vineyards while tasting wines of the best Palic wineries.


Visitors were from: Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and traditionally besides Serbia, most of the runners came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary.


The winner in the Half Marathon Wine Race is Miklos Bruner from the Hajduk MT Kula Club, and in the women’s competition Ines Jozic from Croatia.


The winners of the Fun Race are Katarina Stojkovic from MTS Serbia and Jozes Njari from Hungary.

After the end of the race, all participants and visitors continued their wine and local gastronomic specialties tasting, at the Grand Terrace. Many participants took part in interesting wine workshops, sailed the Wine Boat, went on wine picnics, and organized a fun competition in rolling wine barrels, which was followed by lots of cheering and laughter.


Participants in this year’s Wine Marathon have joined the fundraising campaign to build a parental home in Belgrade for children with cancer by downloading the „Pruzi korak“ application, which registered the kilometers all contestants passed, which is being cashed by Serbian donor companies and donated to those in need.


The Wine Marathon is a unique event that combines sports, wine, gastronomy and music in a fun way that brings joy.





During the two-day Harvest Days festivities, we were able to walk the “streets” of wine, honey, sweets, brandy, cheese, enjoy a wonderful flower exhibition, handicrafts and taste some local culinary specialties.

The most visited was the program for the youngest, which featured dance studios performances from Subotica, a children’s play called „What Does an Egg Give“, an organized children’s workshop „Malac genijalac“, face painting and a clown performance.


This manifestation also has humanitarian character, so all the fruits that the local producers borrowed to Park Palic Ltd, for the purpose of exhibiting fruits and vegetables, were donated to the “Kolevka” – a home for disabled children.

During the day, visitors were enjoying local tamburitza of Vojvodina, and two great concerts were held by night – both nights of manifestation: Sergej Cetkovic and Aleksandra Radovic.

You can see more photos in our gallery:


On the weekend days of September 14th and 15th, the 30th Harvest Days were held in Palic. Park Palic Ltd, with its co-organizers, has created a rich program, which has been equally interesting for all ages, so this year we’ve set the record in visits, by residents of Subotica, Palic, and tourists from other cities and countries as well. This was certainly aided by the excellent organization, never more exhibitors, rich gastronomic offer, a cultural art program and, of course, beautiful sunny weather.



During the two-day Harvest Days festivities, we were able to walk the “streets” of wine, honey, sweets, brandy, cheese, enjoy a wonderful flower exhibition, handicrafts and taste some local culinary specialties.

The most visited was the program for the youngest, which featured dance studios performances from Subotica, a children’s play called „What Does an Egg Give“, an organized children’s workshop „Malac genijalac“, face painting and a clown performance.


This manifestation also has humanitarian character, so all the fruits that the local producers borrowed to Park Palic Ltd, for the purpose of exhibiting fruits and vegetables, were donated to the “Kolevka” – a home for disabled children.

During the day, visitors were enjoying local tamburitza of Vojvodina, and two great concerts were held by night – both nights of manifestation: Sergej Cetkovic and Aleksandra Radovic.



You can see more photos in our gallery:



Last night, on September 2, at the Summer Stage in Palic, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy Jelena Tomasevic’s first solo concert in Palic, organized by Park Palic Ltd.

With her great energy and wonderful songs, the singer gained the sympathy of all those present, who enthusiastically accompanied the whole concert.

Singing her biggest hits, covers, but also songs that celebrated her, along with the stories about how some of the songs were created, the singer got even closer to the audience without leaving them indifferent.

Jelena Tomasevic did not hide her enthusiasm for Palic either. As she said, here is a particularly magical sunset, which she stared at and immortalized with a photograph.


See more photos


All those who bought tickets and were unable to attend the concert due to the bad weather that affected the organization and start delay of the concert, are entitled to a refund.

Tickets purchased at Zvonko Bogdan Winery (Matije Korvina 12, Rudic ulica 1) can be returned at the Park Palic doo office on working days from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. In order to receive a refund, you need to bring a purchased ticket for inspection, which will be kept by our staff.

Tickets purchased online, via the website or at one of Ticket vision’s points of sale (Laguna Bookstore, OMV gas stations, Exclusive Change 5 – the exchange office in the Roda market) can be returned as follows: Tickets with attachment (name, surname and bank account number) to be sent to:


Ticket Vision doo

58 Arsenija Carnojevica Boulevard

11070 Belgrade


Even the rain, which had significantly affected the organization, could not stop the great spectacle at the Summer Stage on Saturday, August 24th.

Long-awaited Massimo Savic concert fully justified the expectations of everyone present. Enthusiastic audiences went to their homes flooded with emotions.

Recalling the beginnings of his career, following her course and coming to his last released tracks, Massimo guided the audience through himself, his personality and his life.


Photos from the concert can be seen here.


On Monday, August 19th, our guest on Palic was Jelena Tomasevic, and the reason for her arrival was a press conference held in Subotica.

She used this opportunity to explain the reasons for delaying the original date and to announce a new date for the concert.

„In the first place, I would like to thank my audience for the support of all these years and for their absolute understanding regarding the delay of our concert at the Summer Stage in Palic Lake, for September 2nd. I really can’t wait to see you and to sing together. Because, believe it or not, this is my first major solo concert in Subotica and in Palic Lake“, said singer Jelena Tomasevic.


„We really have great communication. Park Palic and I. I am sorry that this delay had to happen and I apologize once again. Thank you everyone for their absolute understanding, ”Jelena added.

The concert will take place on September 2nd at the Summer Stage in Palić, starting at 8:30 pm.


We remind you that the ticket price is 1000 RSD, and can be purchased at all Ticket Vision points of sale (Subotica – Laguna Bookstore, OMV gas stations, and Exclusive Change 5 exchange offices in the Roda market) or online.


The new date of Jelena Tomasevic concert is September the  2nd, starting at 8:30 pm on the Summer Stage.

Weather conditions that prevented Jelena Tomasevic’s tour from going on schedule are the reason why her concert at Palic has been delayed.

All tickets purchased will be valid for the concert. Tickets can also be purchased at the Summer stage gate, on the day of the concert, as well as through the website or at one of Ticket vision’s points of sale (Laguna Bookstore, OMV gas station, Exclusive Change 5 exchange office in Roda Market ).

All those who have purchased tickets but are unable to attend the concert are entitled to a refund.

Tickets purchased at Zvonko Bogdan Winery (Matije Korvina 12, Rudic ulica 1) can be returned at the Park Palic on weekdays from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. In order to receive a refund, you need to bring a purchased ticket, which will be kept by our staff.

Tickets purchased online, via the website or at one of Ticket vision’s points of sale (Laguna Bookstore, OMV gas stations, Exclusive Change 5  exchange office in the Roda market) can be returned as follows: Tickets with attachment (name, surname and bank account number) to be sent to:

Ticket Vision doo

58 Arsenija Carnojevica Boulevard

11070 Belgrade

Money will be refund as soon as possible and more information can be obtained by calling the call center number: 0900-11-00 11 or by email:

Also, we hereby inform all interested parties that from now tickets will be available exclusively through or at one of the Ticket vision points of sale (Laguna Bookstore, OMV gas stations, Exclusive Change 5 exchange office in the Roda market).



Postponement of the play was no obstacle to the audience last night, on the 5th of August, 2019, to enjoy the hilarious hit comedy „The colours of the hideaway“, which took place on the Summer Stage in Palic.

The multitude of comic situations, improvised dialogues and unforeseen circumstances, besides the audience at Palic, have also caused laughter to the main actors – Petar Strugar, Djordje Stojkovic and Uros Jovcic. Relaxed, outgiving and utterly comical, the actors made this evening unforgettable.



Due to the announced rain and unfavorable weather conditions expected on Friday August the 2nd, 2019 , Park Palic Ltd, as the organizer of the play “ The colors of the hideaway „, made the decision to postpone it for Monday, the 5th of August, 2019. The play will take place at the Summer stage in Palic, starting at 8:30 pm.


All tickets purchased will be valid during the play, and all those who will not be able to attend the show, but have already bought their tickets, will be able to return the same with a refund.

Tickets purchased at Zvonko Bogdan Winery (at 12 Matije Korvina St., or at 1 Rudić St. ) can be returned at the Park Palic office on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 03:30 p.m. In order to receive a refund, you need to bring a purchased ticket, which our staff will keep.

Tickets purchased online, through or at one of Ticket Vision’s points of sale (Laguna Bookstore, OMV Gas stations, Exclusive Change 5 at Roda Market) can be returned as follows: Tickets with attachment (name, surname and current bank account number) to be sent to:

Ticket Vision Ltd

58 Arsenija Carnojevica Blvd

11070 Belgrade

Money will be paid as soon as possible and more information can be obtained trough the call center number: 0900-11-00 11 or by email:

Tickets for the play „The color of the hideaway“ will not be valid for future events organized by Park Palic Ltd.

For any questions, as well as additional information, you can contact us by email: or by phone: 024 / 602-780; 065 / 960-27-93


The Pannon Bazar Festival of local culture and organic products was officially opened on Sunday at the Grand Terrace in Palic. The festival runs from Sunday to Tuesday and the aim of this event is to promote local culture, producers of organic products, and also to provide a special dimension to Palic’s cultural offer as a tourist destination. The festival is part of a significant cross-border cooperation project between Hungary and Serbia called „Colorful Cooperation“.


Within the festival, visitors have the opportunity to see the handicrafts of local entrepreneurs and artists at the Local Producers Fair at the Grand Terrace.

Pannon Bazar is the first in a series of programs to be implemented within the “Colorful Cooperation” project of cross-border cooperation, which contributes to the development of cultural strategy and tourism in Palic.


Since the Pannon Bazar Festival is happening at the same time as the European Film Festival in Palic, all visitors to the film festival, especially those who come from abroad, have the opportunity to get acquainted with local products and local culture.



During the three-day program, besides the Local Manufacturers’ Fair, visitors are also offered a rich program filled with workshops, concerts and performances.

Monday, the 22nd of July

05:00 p.m. – 06:30p.m. – Workshop: Body as an instrument

05:00p.m. – 08:00p.m. – Local producers’ fair (Grand Terrace)

07:30 p.m.  – Performance

11:00p.m. – Pannon express: Gyass band (Abazia Cinema courtyard)

Tuesday, the 23rd of July

04:00p.m. – 07:00p.m. – Holiday Workshop (Grand Terrace)

05:00p.m. – 08:00p.m. – Local producers’ fair (Grand Terrace)

11: 00p.m. – Transpannon ethno music night (Abazia Cinema courtyard)

Wednesday, the 24th of July

11:00p.m. – Pannon Jazz Night: Four Fat Horses (Abazia Cinema Courtyard)


The 26th European Film Festival in Palic began with the opening ceremony and the awarding of the most deserving filmmakers – set designer Miljen Kljakovic Kreka and Croatian director Rajko Grlic.

Following the ceremony, the latest film by Pedro Almodovar „Pain and Glory“ with Antonio Banderas in the lead role was premiered in Serbia.

The main program of this year’s edition of the festival, chosen by the selector Nenad Dukic, has a good balance between new films by renowned authors and the achievements of young directors.

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Assistant Minister Ivana Dedic emphasized the importance of the sustained support that the festival receives.

She particularly emphasized the recognition that this festival received two years ago, when it was included in the five most significant events of its kind in Europe. The festival has become a gathering place for young film artists, students and professionals, as well as amateurs and film enthusiasts, who enhance their creative knowledge. This festival is where the future of Serbian and world cinema is being created, and where we belong.


On behalf of the host, the audience was welcomed by Timea Horvat, Deputy Mayor of Subotica.

She emphasized that for Subotica, the European Film Festival in Palic is a cultural manifestation of the first rank, because thanks to this festival, the largest European moviemakers have stayed in our city for a quarter of a century. This festival gathers about 20 to 25 thousand people each year, over 200 film professionals, and 100 journalists following the film.

After the screening of the film, a cocktail was held to mark the opening of the Film Festival.


This year, we decided to open the Summer Season with something unusual and with quality, and as it turned out, the famous opera „The Barber of Seville“ was the right choice, recognized by the audience.

On Saturday, June 29th , this great opera was performed by the choir and orchestra of the Serbian National Theater, under the conductor Aleksandar Kojic. The roles were interpreted: Sasa Stulic, Nebojša Babic, Jelena Koncar, Vladimir Andric, Goran Krneta, Branislav Stankov and Verica Pejic.


The opera was performed in two equally interesting acts, and the audience’s reactions after the performance, ovation and full three minutes of applause testify to the great atmosphere on the Summer stage.




Here you can find a short retrospective from Serbian National Theater, and here you can check out our photo gallery.


After the rain and bed weather which led to the discontinuation of the performance „My grandpa is out“ which was held on June 22nd at the Summer stage in Palic, we offered the Belgrade Drama Theater, the opportunity to perform the play ones again, but unfortunately, the actors and organizers were not able to accept our offer.

Park Palic, the organizer of this event, decided that the audience should be satisfied, so we can propose three options:

  • To use “My grandpa is out” tickets to attend the opera “The Barber of Seville” on June 29th , or
  • To use “My grandpa is out” tickets to attend the play “The Colors of the hideaway” on August 2nd , or
  • To get a refund for the purchased tickets

All those who decide to attend the opera or the play mentioned above, must submit the My grandpa is out ticket at the entrance.

All those who purchased the ticket via Ticket Vision and their sales points: Laguna bookstore, OMV Gas station, Exclusive Change 5 exchange office or online via, can receive a refund by contacting the points of sale directly.



On the occasion of canceling the concert of the group „Legende“, which was supposed to be held on the Summer stage in Palic, organized by „Bonitas” Ltd from Subotica, the company „Park Palić“ Ltd informs the public that at the end of the May, “Bonitas” Ltd contacted the company „Park Palic“ Ltd with a request to rent the Summer stage for the purpose of holding a concert of the group „Legende“.

After that, the Lease Agreement was duly signed. On the basis of this contract, the entire organization of the concert is responsibility of „Bonitas“ Ltd, while „Park Palić“ Ltd is the landlord of the area.

Considering that they are already known by organization of the concert of the group “Riblja corba” in Subotica, there was no reason to doubt their cooperation and organization.

On June 14th, they informed the public and the „Park Palic“ Ltd that the concert will be postponed from June 15th to June 20th, but on June 19th they cancelled the whole event. They informed us that they would arrange a refund for the purchased tickets and left a phone number for more information, the one we published on our official Facebook page.

After we received the information that “Bonitas” Ltd is not answering the given phone number, we tried to contact them, and as a response we received a SMS text given below:


Facebook Announcement

During this summer, the Summer stage will be the place of many events, concerts and performances, organized not only by “Park Palic” Ltd, but also by external private agencies, contracted by performers, in which case the „Park Palić“ Ltd is just the landlord of the area.

Due to cancellation of the concert and unprofessional attitude towards the citizens who bought tickets, „Park Palic“ Ltd decided that it is forbidden for “Bonitas” Ltd to organize events of any kind in Palic in future.

„Park Palic“ Ltd will continue to monitor the situation and process of refund as “Bonitas” Ltd promised.



Although the summer is already here, traditionally, the Etnofest Festival means the beginning of the summer season in Palic. We did our best to create an interesting and creative content for all visitors this summer. In addition to a quality program in Summer stage, for all lovers of recreation, sport, nature and sun, Palic this season provides everything that is needed for quality enjoyment. Beach in Palic The beach, which is also the symbol of the summer in Palic, has welcomed this season well prepared. The beach is equipped with 4 functional showers, the sunshades have been completely replaced by new ones, and there are also 20 deck chairs at disposal. Existing sand courts will be arranged and filled with sand, and equipped with volleyball net and football goals.


 Plaza bar – An interesting summer program for all visitors. If you are a guest of the beach or the Plaza Bar, you will have a good time attending some of the following events:

  • Monday – enjoying the sunset
  • Tuesday – sports day, beach volleyball tournament, football on the sand
  • Wednesday – open-air movies
  • Thursday – cheerful 90s, cocktails, RnB party
  • Friday – a break from working week, enjoying the sunset
  • Saturday – daily matinees, DJ program, evening gigs
  • Sunday – day gigs, family day


Sports Zone In 2018, completely renovated Sports zone in Palic was opened. Zone consist of handball/football field, basketball court and two volleyball courts, all of which are equipped with goals or nets and electricity.



the morning and early afternoon hours, the courts are free to use free of charge, while from 4 PM can be leased, at a price of 2,000 dinars for handball/football field and 1,500 dinars for basketball court per term. Volleyball courts are available to the leaseholder for free. One term lasts two hours, and the hours are as follows:

  • 4-6 PM
  • 6-8 PM
  • 8-10 PM

Basketball 3×3 court and the outdoor gym Right next to the sports zone, there are a basketball 3×3 court and outdoor gym, which were reconstructed with the aim to expand the tourist offer and develop sports and recreational tourism in Palic. In addition to this, there are concrete ping-pong tables and a park with refurbished tables and benches, which provides space for barbecue and fun, and makes the time spent in nature even more complete and more attractive. The content above is free to use for all visitors.




The beginning of the events season in Palic starts in Jun, primarily on the Summer stage. The firs theater play – Town talk was very successful, with over 900 people in audience, who enjoyed this comedy for an hour and a half. Etnofest – the music of the world festival, has been held for 15 years in Palic. As every year, the date coincides with World Music Day, and the official duration of the festival is June 20th-23rd. Within the three-day program we expect musicians from Spain, France, Chile, Hungary and other countries. My grandpa is an out – by Belgrade Drama Theater The theater show „My grandpa is out „, will be held on June 22nd in the Summer stage. Belgrade Drama Theater cast: Boris Komnenic, Milan Cucilovic, Ljubinka Klaric and others. The play is about a family story of an average Serb family that faces a taboo topic called „homosexuality“, so the whole family is challenged to deal with the challenge of accepting the fact that this is happening in their own family.

Serbian National Theater  The choir and opera from Novi Sad’s Serbian National Theater will perform this famous opera, by the Italian opera composer Gioachino Rossini  (1792-1868). It will take place on June 29th, at the Summer stage, starting at 9 PM.


Serbian National Theater  The choir and opera from Novi Sad’s Serbian National Theater will perform this famous opera, by the Italian opera composer Gioachino Rossini  (1792-1868). It will take place on June 29th, at the Summer stage, starting at 9 PM.


For all information about ticket sales points, please e-mail us: or contact us by phone: 024 / 602-780


On the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day, the children from PPU „Skolica“ visited the city Wastewater Treatment Plant. During the visit, the children attended the Eco-chat room, where the PR team of the project of the Biodiversity Protection of the Palic and Ludas Lakes, spoke about the importance of water, soil, air, energy, plant and animal species, as well as daily activities need to be done with the purpose to protect the environment. After a short class, they took a tour to the Purifier, where preschoolers could see the quality of water at the entrance, and its quality at the exit, and the point where it pours out into the Palic lake. The visit was realized within the activities of the „KfW“ project, in order to encourage awareness of the youngest about the importance of preserving biodiversity.






This year we have organized a great number of events that will take place at Palic, especially on the Summer Stage. There will be events such as plays, concerts, stand up performances of different genres …

June 2019

The season opening is in June, with the play „Word around town“ (June the 6th) and a concert by the group „Legende“ at the Summer Stage (June the 15th), Etnofest, the  world music festival at the Grand Terrace (June the 20th -23rd ), The Belgrade drama Theater play called „My Grandpa is out“ starring Boris Komnenic, Slobodan Boda Ninkovic or Milan Cucilovic, Ljubinka Klaric … The play will take place on June the 22nd at the Summer Stage. June ends with one event that has not taken place in Palic and Subotica for many years – the opera. The opera is performed by the Serbian National Theater and is the comic opera „The Barber of Seville“ on the 29th of June.

July 2019

Wednesday, July the 3rd, is reserved for the Lexington band concert, while on July the 6th, a very popular theater play „Scenes from Marital Life“ will be performed, starring Milos Timotijevic and Tamara Krcunovic. On July the 13th, a comic monodrama by Branko Djuric called “What has got into me?!“ will take place, starring Andjelka Prpic. The second part of July is dedicated to the European Film Festival, which will present European films as well as world blockbusters (July the 20th-26th).

In addition to the events on the Summer Stage, there will also be a Summer3p festival in July, which will take place at the Men’s Lido this year, from July the 26th  to July the 28th.

August 2019

Three plays and two concerts await us in August. The first play is „The colors of the hideaway“ starring Petar Strugar, Uros Jovcic and Djordje Stojkovic, which takes place on August the  2nd, followed by Jelena Tomasevic’s concert next weekend (on August the 10th). After the concert, another performance, one that received a great response last year – The Hotel 88 (on the  the 1st  of August).After this play, a concert by Masimo Savic will take place on  the 24th of August. At the end of August, we are expecting a comic play called „The Government Job“ (on the 30th of August).

September 2019

On the 12th of September we expect a comic stand up performance by „Djurologija“, while the Sergej Cetkovic’s concert will take place on the 14th of September, for the third time in a row.

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the program is subject to changes that will be updated in a timely manner. You can follow all upcoming events in the Events category.


This year May Day celebration last for 5 days, from 1st to 5th of May. Besides food and beverage, and great  souvenirs and old handcrafts offer, the most interesting thing for most of the visitors is the biggest amusement park in our country, based as usual by the Men’s Lido, but as every year with some new equipment and more fun.  As in the past years, traffic will be closed and controlled in: Jozef Hegedis, Olge Penavin and Splitska aleja street, and the entry will be allowed only for vehicles whit pass posted on the windshield of the vehicle. Passes can be provided by delivering license plates of residents and workers of the hotels, restaurants and other business entities, and by delivering the names of all guests who will be staying in hotels or private accommodation facilities during the May Day celebration in Palic. Passes can be collected in Park Palic Ltd office, during work hours 7:30 AM -3:3 PM, and on 30th of April, working hours will be longer, until the evning. For more information please call: 024/602-780 You can find the official program of the manifestation here.


Service information

Working hours of the Tourist information center:   1.5. – 3.5.2019 – 8 AM – 8 PM 4.5. – 5.3.2019 – 8 AM – 6 PM Pharmacy Palic: 1.5. – 2.5.2019. – 9 AM – 5 PM 3.5.2019. – 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM 4.5.2019. – 07:30 AM – 1 PM Ambulance Palic: 1.5. – 2.5.2019. closed 3.5.2019. – 07:00 – 8:00 PM 4.5.2019. – 07:00 – 2:00 PM Дежурство Хитне помоћи 1.5. – 2.5. – 10 – 7 PM Bus schedule – line 6 1st of May – from 9 AM, departures in every 10 minutes, from Lifka/Vikend Naselje. Last departure from Vikend Naselje at 00:30 AM 2nd of May – from 9 AM, departures in every 15 minutes, from Lifka/Vikend Naselje. Last departure from Vikend Naselje at 10:15 PM


High officials and delegations of the Norwegian Norland region visited on March 19th, Subotica and Palic, discussing potential future cooperation, as well as the tourist and economic capacities of Subotica and Palic.

Hosts in front of City of Subotica, Srdjan Samardzic, member of the City Council in charge of economy and tourism, Istvan Pastor, President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, after visiting the Synagogue, City Hall and other sights of Subotica, went to Palic, together with CEO „Park Palic“ Ltd, Nebojsa Darabos, who presented the pearl of Vojvodina, congress center Grand terrace, and the construction site of the future Spa Center in Palic.


Приликом обиласка, Небојша Дарабош нагласио је да је Палић као туристичка дестинација дуго био занемариван, али да је тај период иза нас и да су коначно и Влада Републике Србије и Покрајина Војводине и свакако Град Суботица препознали потенцијале Палића о чему сведочи преко 200 милиона динара улагања у инфраструктурне пројекте у последње две године. Осврћући се на богату и занимљиву историју Палића, Дарабош је госте спровео кроз Велику терасу, импозантно здање које датира из 1912. године наглашавајући да ће се у будуће доста радити на потенцијалима конгресног туризма на Палићу. Председница Скупштине Норланда Соња Стин са својом делегацијом упутила се на градилиште будућег спа центра где су Небојша Дарабош и Иштван Пастор представили концепт пројекта и његове потенцијале, стављајући акценат да су у овом случају држава, покрајина и град Суботица повукли одлучујући потез и преузели улогу инвеститора у овај стратешки значајан пројекат, како би се и на тај начин показало да је Палић један од приоритета развоја туризма на нивоу Републике Србије, те да је ово само један корак у развоју овог сегмента туризма на Палићу. У наредном периоду очекују се и значајни приватни инвеститори који ће улагањем приватног капитала у смештајне и велнес капацитете подићи Палић као туристички центар високе категорије. Чланови делегације изразили су задовољство виђеним и нагласили да је у одређеним ситуацијама у њиховој земљи држава развијала дестинације на сличан начин. Соња Стин захвалила се на гостопримству сматрајући посету веома продуктивном наглашавајући да Војводина има доста сличности са покрајином из које они долазе и да ће се свакако ова посета завршити и уобличити и неким заједничким пројектима.      









The inscription Palić is a new feature of Palic. The Latin sign „Palić“ with heart were built of tin construction with details and motives of the Hungarian secession. It has adapted to the ambience and charm of Palic Lake, and now it certainly represents an unavoidable place for photography and sightseeing.

New letters with special will be used as part of the new visual identity of Palić.

Not that far away, the reconstruction of the promenade along the lake shore is going by the plan.






At the Tourism Fair in Belgrade, which was held last weekend, the company Park Palić Ltd and the Tourist Organization of the city of Subotica, organized a prize game at the stand.

Participants answered questions related to Palic and Subotica, and correct answers were the oportunity for winning great prizes. The winner were announced on Saturday, 23rd of February at our stand.

And the winners are:

  1. The Zoo: Family ticket – Ivana Radjenovic
  2. The Zoo: Family ticket – Dragana Breberina
  3. The Zoo: Family ticket – Ivana Stefanovic
  4. Wine Marathon: Registration fee for Fun race – Zora Jovanovic
  5. Bates Restaurant – Lunch for two – Branislav Radosevic
  6. Vila Ritz: Overnight stay for two – Momcilo Nikolovski
  7. Adventure Park Furioso: Voucher for picnic (4 persons): horse riding, carriage, adrenalin park for kids and adults – Olivera Matic
  8. Villa Minic: Two overnight stay for two – Dario Salic
  9. Villa Larus: Romantic weekend for two – Slobodan Stepic
  10. Zvonko Bogdan winery: Tour trough winery and wine tasting – Zivce Sarkocevic
  11. Zvonko Bogdan winery: Tour trough winery and wine tasting – Ljiljana Pantic
  12. Gat: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Emina Veljkovic
  13. Gat: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Vladimir Micevic
  14. Salas Djordjevic: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Marko Simic
  15. Elitte Palic: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Ana Stefoski
  16. Hotel Prezident: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Dragana Suluburic
  17. Hotel Prezident: Overnight stay with breakfast for two –Jasna Tomic
  18. Villa Majur: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Darijan Nikolic
  19. Jelen salas: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Aleksandar Ivanovic
  20. Jelen salas: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Dusan Dakic
  21. Registration fee for Subotica’s Half-marathon 21 km – Milijana Milinkovic
  22. Registration fee for Subotica’s Half-marathon 21 km – Dragan Sebez
  23. Registration fee for Subotica’s Half-marathon 10 km – Slavica Pavkovic
  24. Registration fee for Subotica’s Half-marathon 10km – Ivana Djordjevic
  25. Registration fee for Subotica’s Half-marathon 5 km – Natasa Adamovic
  26. Registration fee for Subotica’s Half-marathon 5 km – Jelena Stojnic
  27. Villa Verona: Overnight stay for two – Nikola Jagodic
  28. Villa Verona: Overnight stay for two – Vera Madzic
  29. Hotel Patria: Overnight stay with breakfast for two – Jela Pavlovic
  30. Sitnicarnica: Souvenirs of 500 RSD value – Ljiljana Maksimovic
  31. Sitnicarnica: Sovenirs of 500 RSD value – Bogdan Subotic
  32. Sitnicarnica: Sovenirs of 500 RSD value – Vladimir Vojinovic
  33. Guest House Gurinovic: Lunch or dinner – Ljubica Kuzmanovic Knezevic
  34. Tonkovic winery: Three bottles of wine
  35. Tonkovic winery: tour trough winery and wine tasting – Cmiljana Miljkovic
  36. Villa Nikolas: Overnight stay – Vladimir Spasojevic
  37. Villa Nikolas: Overnight stay – Slavica Stosic
  38. European film festival: Set of tickets for one – Bojana Nikolic
  39. European film festival: Set of tickets for one – Slavisa Veselinovic
  40. European film festival: Set of tickets for one – Violeta Filipovic
  41. European film festival: Set of tickets for one – Miroslav Grujic
  42. Best Food: Overnight stay for two – Stefan Milojevic
  43. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Petar Jovicic
  44. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Aleksandra Orljic
  45. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Bora Stankovic
  46. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Zorica Radovanovic
  47. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Aleksandar Ivanovic
  48. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Dusica Ivanovic
  49. Summer3p festival: set of tickets for the festival for two – Marina Mladenov
  50. The Zoo: Family ticket – Marinko Roljic



From February 21st to February 24th 2019, Palic promoted it’s tourist offer at a joint stand with the Tourist Organization of the city of Subotica, at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade.

During the four-day presentation, many projects and manifestations were promoted. The first day was all about wine – the presentation of the Wine Marathon manifestation along with wine tasting of Tonsković and Zvonko Bogdan wineries. The second day was reserved for Subotica’s Half- marathon and Dužijanca, and the third day for Pannon Reg promotion. Also, the new 3D animation of the Aqua Park and Wellness and Spa Center was presented, whose construction began late last year.

Also, we gave our best to organize two prize games. You can see the list of winners of the first game here. The second prize game is still ongoing, and the winners will be announced on 1st of March.








In mid-February, a continuation of works began – paving the promenade and building a tourist infrastructure along the coast of Palić Lake, and several lanes within the Great Park. The project involves paving the tracks of a total length of about 1450 meters, as well as the installation of an urban street furniture (benches and bins).

The lanes that will be paved are located between the Woman’s Lido and Yachting Club, the continuation of the lane from the peninsula to the Prezident hotel, the lanes in the park at the Prezident hotel and the Tourist Information Center, as well as the smaller lanes in the Grand Park.

The project value is 55 million RSD, and the funds are provided by the Capital Investment Administration.







On Saturday, December 15th, the foundation stone was laid which simbolically opened first phase of works on the construction of the Aqua Park and the Wellnes and Spa Center in Palic, jointly financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Provincial Government and the City of Subotica.

The location of the project is the Men’s lido, in the area of 4.4 hectares, where the most modern wellness and spa center will be built on 30.000 square meters. By the plan, the Aqua park will cosist of indoor area – Spa Center with five swimming pools and accompanying contents, and the outdoor area, which besides five pools will offer visitors a place for beach volleyball, refreshments in the restaurant bar or relaxation on paved and green areas.

The laying of the foundation stone was attended by the Mayor of Subotica Bogdan Laban, the Prime Minister of Vojvodina Igor Mirovic, the President of the Assembly of Vojvodina Istvan Pastor, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić, and the CEO of the Park Palic Ltd Nebojsa Darabos, who was entrusted with the project management construction of Aqua Park and Wellnes and Spa Center in Palic.

Investing in this project, worth one billion dinars, is one of the major investments in tourism in Serbia, whose goal is to significantly improve the infrastructure near Lake Palic, enrich the overall tourist offer and positioning Palic and Subotica among the ten tourist destinations in the country.






The project „Expansion of the contents of the thermal pools – Wellness and Spa Center“ started with the obtaining of location conditions based on the Detailed Regulation Plan for the part of the „Banja Palic“ area and the Urban Project for Expanding the Content at the Thermal Pool at Palic in Block B.12




The basis for the project development

The starting point for the development of the project is the Master Plan Palić from 2006 and the Tourism Development Program of the Palić Lake region from 2015.

By both documents the area of Men’s lido represents the area that needs to be rebuilt into facility with open and closed swimming pools and accompanying contents, which would be open to citizens and guests as well.

According to the 2006 Master Plan, Zone D – Zone of Sport and Lido, an open-air lido, an open-air thermal center, cabins, lockers, pavilions are planned.


Master plan 2006 - Zona D

In the Tourism Development Program of the Palić Lake region from 2015, the area of this project belongs to the Zone Golden Circle 2: Indoor & Outdoor water fun – pools for children (children’s pool with sprinklers, slides, rain showers and water attractions) with artificial waves, swimming pools for adults, etc.


Master plan 2015 - Zlati kurg 2

Architectural concept – Wellness center in Palic
The location of the project is on the Men’s lido, in the area of about 44,000 square meters. The floors of the building are G + Gk and it has spa-health-recreational character.

The total net area of outdoor area is about 28,500 m2 and it consists of five swimming pools:

– children’s pool,
– swimming pool for adults,
– pools with slides and
– a pool associated with a tapidarium
– existing thermal pool.

The outdoor area will contain a restaurant bar, sand volleyball area, and paved and green surfaces.

The total net surface of the facility is 3,000 m2, it is free-standing and consists of six hexagonal forms with plateaus.



The indoor area includes Spa with accompanying facilities, three large and two smaller swimming pools with a total area of 218 m2.

The Spa will be located on an area of 2,000 m2, with contents such as indoor pools, saunas, tepidarium … Ther will also be an info desk, a market, an first aid station, lockers and toilets.

The facility will also includes a gallery that is intended for offices, a restaurant and Spa facilities.

The main entrance will be from the side of Novi Sad road, where parling lot is going to be positioned: 80 lots for cars, 3 for vans and 4 for buses.

Below you can find conceptual solutions of the outer appearance of the facility, whose appearance of the facade will be the subject of further architectural elaboration.





As in previous years, Art competition is open again! Every child, willing to participate may leave their art work at Palic community office. Result announcement will be held on Sunday, December the 9th, at 9 AM, in Grand Terrace.




Park Palic Ltd participate on The 8th Business Conference SEET 2018 which was focused on indentifying new opportunities for increase in revenues from SEE tourism market, new forms of collaboration for positioning the Region as integral tourism market with special emphasis on promoting priority tourist destinations, strengthening the identity of Regional tourist routes, attracting tourists from distant emissive markets as well as stimulating inbound tourism.

During the conference, Park Palic Ltd was awarded with „Brand Leader Award“, based on market analysis and standardized criteria that include continuous growth and innovative strategies, a high degree of market recognition, influence and contribution to popularization of economic potentials by creating a competitive image of the tourism industry of the SEE region.





The second Wine Marathon was held on Saturday, the 22nd of September, starting at 11 a.m. In the Half Marathon Wine Run and the Enjoyment Run, 700 runners from 14 countries took part, running through the vineyards and refreshing themselves with the wines of the best Palic wineries. This year the marathon attracted runners from Las Vegas, Seattle, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia and the UK, many of whom came to Serbia for the first time, and all participants made sure that the Wine Marathon was the most fun wine-sporting event in the region.


The absolute winner of the Wine Race is Vida Medic from Belgrade, while in the men’s category the winner is Milanko Pusicic, also from Belgrade.




An interesting detail of the Wine Marathon are the costumed runners, so the three-member jury had the difficult task of choosing the best from many creative and interesting costumes. After the run, all visitors and runners continued with wine tastings and local gastronomic specialties, while Subotica’s band called  “Prepretuum Mobile”, was in charge for their entertainment. Famous sommeliers held wine workshops, and competitions were held in the park for rolling wine barrels and also the race with full glasses of wine, with many cheering and laughter.

The Wine Marathon is a unique event that combines sports, wine, gastronomy, music in a fun way and brings enjoyment to all senses, testified by photos, which are also the best invitation for next year.



In the beginning of September, reconstruction of Men’s lido was continued. Old boards are being replaced whit new ones, and more important, they will be covered with protective layer that will ensure durability of the new boards. 700 square meters are already reconstructed, so when this faze is over, there will be just half of lido left to reconstruct.





On September 8 and 9, Palic will host the 29th Fruit picking Days. This manifestation celebrates the early harvest of all fruits that arrive early in the fall.

The event, founded in 1989, has been cultivating the same value for 29 years: celebration of successful harvest, humanitarian and tradition, which next year celebrates a great jubilee. Every year there is a big Berban exhibition of fruits and vegetables, Berban market, wine tasting and fruit products, Berban’s fair, music, entertainment, cooking, children’s games …

Valuable farmers from surrounding villages each year are willing to donate part of their fruits to the Berban exhibition, which after the manifestation is related to the Home for children with developmental disabilities „Kolevka“. This event, together with the Rotary Club from Subotica, has for years been a humanitarian character.

This year, a newspaper was added, with the aim of promoting craft beer. On the Summer Stage there will be a „Palić neman“, a manifestation on which several beverages from the region will be presented. With live music and beer lovers, they will have reason to come to Palic.



Open University Subotica and Park Palic invite you to visit the concert called  “Heavenly Sound of Bamboo Flute and Hiao” by the Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra (Beijing Bamboo Flute Orchestra). The concert will take place at the Summer Stage on Thursday, August the 16th, starting at 9 p.m. The entrance is free.

Within the tour of Central and Eastern Europe, The Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra will also hold a concert in Palic,Serbia. This event will introduce an  8,000-year-old instruments from China with the unique charm of classic masterpieces.

The orchestra was founded in Beijing in 2012 and brings together the best young musicians from all over China,studying ancient Chinese music, which fits into modern concert forms and thus brings it closer to a wider, international, audience. The artistic concept is based on the traditional compositions, but with a stronger expression and more modern style that makes ancient Chinese bamboo instruments a new re-affirmation by combining with more modern instruments.

In addition to concerts across China, they have performed in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, where they have received excellent reviews from the world’s leading music authorities.

The Concert in Palic is a part of a European tour that will feature Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra concerts in Sarajevo, Zadar, Ohrid, Tirana and the island of Pag under the direction of Artistic Director Zhang Veiling, a prominent musician, composer and professor at the University, who has received numerous prestigious awards in China.



Due to unstable weather conditions, Rok opera concert is being postponed. The concert will be held on 29th of July, 9 PM, in Summer Stage in Palic, which will be announced trough media.

For those who already bought the tickets, their tickets are going to be valid on the day of the concert, and those who will not be able to attend the new date, can return their tickets with full refund.

Tickets bought in Caffe bar Hausbrandt can be returned in Park Palic Ltd, Monday to Friday during the working hours, and tickets bought trough Eventim can be returned in place of purchase.

For more information please contact us:




At the beginning of July, a 365 days of the Serbian Government’s work was marked at the Grand terrace of the Palic Congress Center.

The ceremony was attended by all ministers from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of AP Vojvodina and the City of Subotica and other guests.

At the Grand Hall, the Prime Minister summarized a year of the governmental work she has led. The speech was preceded by the movie „365 Steps Forward. The future that we are creating “on the results of the Government of Serbia.

After more than an hour of the Prime Minister’s speech on the results of the Government, a cocktail party was arranged at the open terraces.





Although the season at the Palic Thermal Pool began a while ago, visitors were surprised by the news of the renovated Thermal Pool.

A canopy was made in order to extend the bathing season and to provide a higher level of service quality. With the means from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications for the year 2017, and in the phase two during the spring 2018, a canopy on the plateau of the Thermal Pool was made according to the project, which will make possible for the visitors to enjoy the shade and to escape from the heat or possible rain showers.





Palic, as a tourist area, due to its geographical position, natural features and cultural heritage, provides a wide range of possibilities and directions in which it can develop. One of those possibilities is certainly sports tourism, which was also recognized by the City of Subotica and Park Palic Ltd.

In addition to the outdoor gym that was built last year, the sports zone that was renovated this year, it is also decided  to improve water sports events.

In order to develop and improve water sports infrastructure and to provide modern conditions for holding sporting events, in particular rowing regattas and other water sporting events, the City of Subotica and Park Palic Ltd. have implemented a project to build a rowing tower on the West Coast of Lake Palic.

The project involved the construction of a brand new, a modern steel tower for the competitions and regattas, of a unique and authentic appearance, which fits the archaic appearance of Palic.








The Children’s Festival, “Little Theatre in the woods”which was scheduled to take place from June the 15th until  June the 17th at the Summer Stage, is moving to a new location – Children’s Theater in Subotica due to bad weather conditions.

Considering the announcements of cold weather and occasional brief rainfalls during that period, and the fact that the whole event was to be held outdoors, the Children’s Theater offered its stage in order for this event to take place.

The dates remain the same, except for the play “Elsa and the frozen Hans”,which has been postponed to 08:00 p.m. Since Family Day with the „Fabrika zabave“ will not take place at the Children’s Theater, the ticket price for the day will change as well. New ticket price for the “Elsa and the frozen Hans” show is now 400 RSD. All those who have bought the ticket at the price of 800 RSD will receive the cash difference before the start of the show. You need to bring your ticket with you and the money will be returned at the box office of the Children’s Theater. For all information please contact us on the phone: 024 602 780 or 0659602795

The Children’s Theater event program:

Friday, June the 15th

  • 5:00 PM – Dance school performances: Larisa, Mon Mirage and Raicevic Ballet School
  • 7:00 PM – “Peter Pan”

Saturday, June the 16th

  • 8:00 PM – “Elsa and frozen Hans”

Sunday, June the 17th

  • 5:00 PM – Creative workshop “Little genius”
  • 7:00 PM – “Paw Patrol”



For the upcoming Children’s Festival „Little Theater in the Woods“, we have decided to make it easier for the parents and their children to attend this spectacular event. The decision was made that the parent, i.e. an adult accompanied by a child will not pay the entrance fee.

Each child has the right to bring one adult with him to the event for free. For babies under the age of 2, the entrance is free.

In addition to the amusing children’s plays “Peter Pan”, “Elsa and the frozen Hans” and “Paw Patrol”,  there are other fun programs which involve the whole family. On Saturday, June the 16th , there will be a Family Day organized by the “Fabrika zabave” children’s playroom. There will be several points with various games and competitions involving moms and dads with their children, and souvenirs to be made, we will play, sing and enjoy. Following the “Elsa and the frozen Hans” play, is a great party for children, organized by the “Fabrika zabave”.







The thermal pool at Palic starts working on Friday, June 1. The pool will be open to all visitors all days except Mondays when the „technical day“ ie. when the pool will be cleaning.

Working hours are from 9 am to 7 pm and the price for adult tickets is 400 dinars, while for pensioners it is 300 dinars. Daily card ticket is 150 dinars, people with disability pay 150 dinars, and afternoon ticket (from 2 pm to 7pm) is 300 dinars.

The price of the daily group card (over 20 persons) for adults is 350 dinars, the group student is 100 dinars, the group pensioner 250 dinars.

The price for guests of registered hotels from the territory of the City of Subotica is 300 dinars.




This year May Day celebration lasted for five days, thanks to the fact that two non-working days, May 1 and 2, were on Tuesday and Wednesday, and according to the tradition of the manifestation, the non-working days are merged with the weekend so the fun in Palic lasted longer.


Great number of visitors

35th celebration of May Day was visited by great number of tourists and guests. According to statistics, during five days, over 70.000 visitors came to Palic, from which 40.000 was here on the 1st of May, and all this thanks to rich tourism offer, the largest entertainment park in Serbia and nice weather. During the manifestation, all accommodation capacities in Palic were occupied.


The event went without major problems

Given this large number of people in one place, we are proud of the fact that the entire event went without major problems, all duty services have done their job and no major incident has been recorded.




The five-day event „May Day celebration in Palic“ reaches its peak today. As every year before, Palic offers a wide range of products of old crafts, souvenirs, food and beverages, as well as great hospitality.

The main attraction during this manifestation is Entertainment Park, which is equipped with the newest games and machines from the entire country, and at this moment it represents the biggest entertainment park in Serbia. Within the manifestation, visitors can do vine and brandy tasting, and revenues will be donated for building Serbia Park, park of history and geography, which will be located in Palic.

Traditional Trimbi is also a part of this year’s manifestation. The ZOO has prepared very rich and fun program for the youngest, and all five days have been and will be accompanied by many sport, cultural and entertainment content in many locations.


Today, Palic has 40.000 guests from all over the country, but also from Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. We estimate that 70.000 people will visit Palic during all five days of manifestation.




This year the whole world celebrates the end of the World War I. As in any conflict, one ultimately outcome as a victor and the other as a defeated. We belong to those who came out from the Great War as victors, although with the most casualties per capita, but that will not be (the only) victory that 15th Museum Night will celebrate.

This year’s event aims to mark some personal, intimate and human triumphs over selfs in life, art, culture and science; in everything that makes the world around us more gratified, significant and valuable. The 15th Museum Night will be inspired by our precious heritage, not meaning the respect for tradition, but also for the innovation.

Following Museum Night will enable self-reflection of small and great victories in life, emphasizing progressive ideas, giving a chance to inspiring people and fascinating events that marks our history. Once again, we hope to demonstrate that culture can prevail, bringing cultural institutions and general public closer together and introducing attractive and popular, yet high-quality and expert-curated programs.

Museum Night is a unique cultural spectacle in more than 120 cities around the world, including Belgrade since 2005. The first Museum Night was held in five Belgrade museums and galleries, managed to animate more than 4,000 visitors, while in the next fourteen years this number increased to an incredible 500,000 visits in almost 200 cultural institutions, in more than 60 cities and towns throughout Serbia. In the European Museum Night last year, more than 3,000 museums participated in 30 countries.

Night of the museum on Palic

For the first time there will be Night of the museum on Palic.





May Day Celebration is just few days ahead, which means a new tourist season in Palic. As the nice weather is here, tourists and visitors are spending even more time outdoors, so Park Palic has a very responsible job, to provide infrastructure, so visitors can truly enjoy the beauty of Palic Lake.

As part of the regular maintenance, this year budget funds were allocated for the renovation of street lights, along the lake shore and in Splitska Aleja Street. The plan is to rehabilitate 50 street lights, covering area from Women’s Lido, to Men’s Lido. Also, reconstruction of Summer Stage has entered in second phase, so the infrastructure of Palic is expected to be complete during the summer season.




The summer stage is facility that is used fully during summer period. Beside the traditional Festival of European Film Palic, it hosts many plays, concerts and performances every year.

As this been said, it was necessary to invest in reconstruction that has begun last year, so today the second phase of adaptation is in progress. Funds are provided for the following items:

  • Arrangement of the backyard ( pavement, construction of a tent, construction of pits for dogs, repair of the sidewalk behind the backstage)
  • Repair of the inner part of towers
  • Rehabilitation of stairs on both sides of the stage
  • Repair of the roof of the atrium at the main entrance
  • Repair of damaged facade parts (toilet, dressing room, warehouse, security facility)
  • Remediation of the internal part of the room for projections (floors, walls, ceilings, carpentry, electrical installations)
  • Reconstruction of toilets Installing new lighting and reconstructing existing ones
  • Removing old and installing new stylish street lights
  • Setting up garbage bins






Wine Marathon Association and Park Palic had announced the date of their second Wine Marathon  – 22nd of September, so the promotion of the events started. Given that few days ago Belgrade Marathon took place, with over 7,000 runners, one booth by the racing route was Wine Marathon’s, therefore wineries from Palic, and our manifestation had a great promotion, during which wine tasting was organized, and our promoters, dressed in grape costumes, cheered to runners. Also, bend Bricks and Cans had a concert by the racing route, and all contestants got our leaflet, with all the information about upcoming manifestation.














International Labor day is officially approaching, and once again we wonder what is left of the original meaning of this date.

In countries where Labor is celebrated, most citizens are not dealing with their labor rights on this day. The law allows them to enjoy their days off (payed), which they usually use to rest.

When you search for Labor day in the International Register of National Holidays, the column „Marking Mode“ says – „Street Demonstrations“. At different times during the previous century, circumstances made the workers quit their demonstrations.


The Haymarket Affair in Chicago

Labor day is marked as a remembrance of the 1886 street protests during which unions across the United States went on strike, demanding, above all, an eight hour workday. A clash broke out on the 4th of May in Chicago’s Hymarket Square, killing at least eight people (the exact number was never determined) and more than one hundred were injured. Controversial interpretations of events, trials, and the death penalty ensued.

At the First Congress in 1889, it was decided to hold a major event the following year in the memory of the Haymarket affair in Chicago. This was a form of labor rights struggle and it was decided to hold mass manifestations, demonstrations and strikes around the world, as one of the modes of class struggle, which gained mass proportions by the end of the 19th and early 20th century.


Labor Day 1952, near the Fish Tavern

Subotica has been celebrating Labor Day for 128 years

Four years later, 14 workers from Subotica decided to mark this holiday as well as those demonstrators in Chicago,in 1890. They walked towards Palic and were stopped and arrested by the police in Radanovac. This year was taken as the first year commemoration of Labour day  in Subotica. Since then, Labor day has been celebrated in Subotica every year, people have used their free time and spent it outdoors. It was celebrated the least on Palic, only after the recovery of the lake. It was celebrated at the Dudova suma city park, the surrounding city forests, at the Tisa river, as well as the Danube river, but also at the city stadium’s auxiliary playgrounds.

93 years later, in 1983, the city decided that the central celebration should be held on Palic, since the lake has been rehabilitated, and in the middle of the tourist season. At that time, a project was organized, and a staff was founded to organize the entire event. Staff members were appointed by the city and were representatives of utility companies,union workers,party members etc.


Central Labor Day celebration in Yugoslavia –  Lake Palic

The headquarters organized a Labor Day celebration until 1991, when the entire organization of the event was given to the Palic Ludas Ltd company. Since 2010, the organization has been taken over by the newly established Park Palic Ltd. company.


Bogojvar Castle for Labor Day

From the time when the central celebration of Labour day was shifted to Palic, the number of visitors and participants of this event increased every year. It was noted that the highest number of visitors was in 1988 and 1997, when in 2 days there were over 100,000 people visiting Palic.

In 2017, Labour day was celebrated for four days and more than 70,000 people visited Palic. This year, the event is extended by one day and runs from the 28 th of April until the 2nd of  May. Follow the detailed program in our Events section.

Photo: Subotica Archive


May Day Celebration in Palic is being held for the 35th time, while Subotica celebrates this holiday for 128th time.
Guests who traditionally come to Palic in great number, will be able to enjoy in Entertainment Park, a rich offer of products of old crafts, various souvenirs, food and beverage offer, as well as numerous restaurants with traditional cuisine and local specialties. The manifestation is accompanied by various cultural and entertainment programs.

Some new additions are prepared this year: volleyball tournament on send will be held on Saturday on 28th of April, and after that, from 30th of April till 2nd of May, Wine and Brandy Festival “Pannon Queen” will be held on Grand terrace.

Concerts in Palic

Two concerts are scheduled during May Day Celebration, Viva Vox on April 29th and Sasa Matic on April 30th. Both concerts will be held on Auto camp in Palic.
For more details, please see our announcement.
For information on concert please call 066 592 0000 or visit Facebook event
For volleyball tournament information please call: 064 66 48 600 or visit Facebook event
For information about the Festival of Wine and Brandy contact: UG Mladost 064 11 86 521


Easter in Palic is a manifestation that takes place on the Saturday before Easter, which celebrates the greatest family holiday, Easter. The event will take place on the Great Terrace on April 7th, at 11 am. The organizers invite everyone to come to play, entertain and support Milica Oklobdzija, a ten-year-old girl, and her parents Tamara and Miroslav Oklobdzija, to get medical equipment for a healthy and healthy life.


Manifestation program:

❤ Collecting hidden eggs

❤ Painting eggs

❤ Exchanging and selling eggs, donation goes into a „box of good wishes-for Milica“

❤ Music and entertainment

Children’s Animator: Ertur Kurdali

Intended to:  all generations from 1 to 101 years

You must bring: smile, joy, humanity, basket for eggs

Costume according to your wishes: chicken, rabbits, dinosaurs or flowers

Organizers of painting workshops: Association of business women Subotica and Association Jogi Subotica

Program implementers: Hotel Prezident Palic, Elitte Palic, Hotel Vila Milord Resort, Villa Larus

Donator of Easter Eggs: Masterplast Subotica

Friends of the event: Park Palic and Tourist Organization of Subotica

See how it was last year, and video attachment too.

Magnificent Eggs

„1st Magnificent Egg“ painted with motifs „What I love in Subotica and Palic“ has been displayed at the 40th International Tourism Fair from 22nd to 25th of February 2018, as an invitation for visitors to come and spend „Easter holidays“ in Palic and Subotica from 5th to 9th of April 2018. Ljiljana Krtinić, an academic graphic artist and painter, has professionally helped egg painting in the Children’s Playroom „Mickey Mouse“ in restaurant „Mala Gostiona“. The Yogi Association has gathered children and parents to paint this „Magnificent Egg“.

Masterplast LLC has donated 4 new „Magnificent Eggs“, at the initiative of Olivera Imbronovic, Manager of the Hotel „Prezident“ Palic and the president of the Association „Yogi“ Subotica, for humanitarian action for Milica Oklobdzija.

Humanitarian character of Easter manifestation in Palic

In order to raise the funds for Milica Oklobdzija, and for the purchase of the medical Vessel Vest, another 4 eggs were donated. For the time being, since Easter last year, about 300,000 RSD was collected, of total 1,300,000 RSD needed. Those 4 eggs will be awarded to 4 individuals or companies that have paid the highest amount to Milica Oklobdzija’s bank account.


Park Palic invites all interested parties to apply for temporary use of land for public purposes owned by Park Palic, during following manifestations: “May Day Celebration 2018”, which will take place from 28th of April to 2nd of May 2018, „Palic wine festivity“, which will be held on May 26th 2018, „Summer season opening“, which will be held on June 23rd 2018, as well as „Fruit – picking days“ which will be held on 8th and 9th of September 2018. More information, you can find in official invitation.

On the occasion of the upcoming manifestation „May Day Celebration 2018“, a public advertisement was announced for giving temporary use of public surface for organizing, setting up and organizing an Entertainment Park, by collecting written bids. The subject area is located between Meteorological Station and the Men’s Lido in a total area of 10,000 square meters (parking lot included), with the obligation to occupy an area of at least 80%. For more information, please visit advertisement.



Park Palic and the Tourist Organization of Subotica have presented their tourist offer at the 40th International fair of Tourism. Durig first three days of fair, an interesting quiz was organized, and each participant could win great prizes.


All visitors had the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire and answer three brief and simple questions about Subotica and Palic. The prize game lasted for three days and the draw was held on Saturday, February 24th.

The gifts were provided by: Zoo Palić, Salaš Đorđević, Čarda Kapetanski rit, Hotel Prezident, Hotel Patria, Di Bonis Winery, Fisherman’s Restaurant, Elitte Palić, Wine Marathon, Summer3p Festival, European Film Festival Palic, La Bouteille, Jelen Salas and travel, Ergela Kelebija, Park Palic, Villa Majur and Zvonko Bogdan winery.

This campaign was organized for tourist promotion of Subotica and Palic, and all participants had to be at least 18 years old.

See the list of winners here.




New data by the Statistical Office of the Repulic, show an increase in the number of tourists in Palić for 2017 year, which is, compared to 2016, 11%, while the number of overnight stays increased by slightly less than 8%.


31.879 guests have visited Palic during 2017, from which 19.248 were domestic visitors, and had a total of 33.454 overnight stays, while 12.631 of them were foreigners and had 18.800 overnight stays.


The increase in the number of visits and overnight stays in Palic is a result of serious investments in 2017, which led to bringing back glow and beauty that Palic had long before. Also, facilities of great importance for the development of tourism had been renovated, such as Great Terrace, Thermal Pool and Summer Stage. Furthermore, marketing activities of the Park Palic company changed it’s strategy of attracting tourists, so now it relies more on their own activities of organizing events and animation of visitors.

It is significant that since 2012 there has been a constant growth of 5 to 20% per annum.

Considering the support that Park Palic has from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Government of APV, and Local Government, upcoming period will be rich with investments, in order to improve the tourist offer and the development of infrastructure in Palic, which will significantly increase the number of visitors in future.

12.29.2017., the most popular wine portal, in it’s taditional election, announced the best wine and winery in Serbia for 2017. Winemaker of the year award went to Oskar Mauer, while the best manifestation in the country is the Wine marathon, held in September on Palić.

The best wine of Serbia in 2017 is cabernet from Negotin Kamen Kamen 2013 by Matalj winery, while the best white wine is Sonata 2016 by Jeremic winery from Smederevo. The best rosé comes from slopes of Fruska Gora, Erdevik Winery, and is called Roza Nostra 2015. The winner among the sparkling wines is Triumf Rose penusavo 2015, by Aleksandrovic winery, wich also won the award for the best wine brand of Serbia. The best sweet wine is the Tri Sunca 2012 Quet, by Fruska Gora’s vineyards.

For complete results of the annual election for the best wines and winery of Serbia please visit




Park Palic, in cooperation with Local Community Palic, supported the Ultramarathon Association of Serbia, and helped the organization of traditional 19th Santa Claus Race. The race was held on Sunday, December 10, in front of the Grand Terrace in Palic. As in the previous years, the competitors had to walk the track, about 1600 meters long, at least once. In a race full of smiles and joy, they all were winners. There was no age limit, so the only condition of participation was Santa’s costume or Santa’s cap, as well as a good mood.


Santa himself attended the race, and awarded each participant with a medal. After the race, the youngest could take a picture with Santa, or even make some New Year’s wishes.


Santa Claus Race additional program – Palic 2017

Within the free additional program, an exhibition of children’s artwork took place in the Great Hall of the Great Terrace. All little artists were rewarded, and the best ones were given special gifts. The youngest could also enjoy a creative workshop, organized by the private pre-school institution „Školica“, as well as the New Year’s play of the Children’s Theater. After the race, all competitors and visitors could  refresh themselves with warm tea or cooked wine and bread with grease and red pepper, which surely brought back some childhood memories for them.


When the first Santa Claus Race was held,  in 1998, only nine competitors took part, few primary school pupils, and a couple of members of the Ultramarathon Club „Achiles“ from Palić. As modest reword, children were given Santa Claus shaped chocolate. The very next year, there was 50 participants. From year to year the number of racers grew, and over 500 competitors ran the jubilee 10th race. As the number of competitors grew, the length of the route that the racers had to cross increased. The former 300 meter long course along the lake is now expanded and rounded up, so while passing through the foreseen path, you can truly enjoy the beauty of Palić. Today, 19 years later, this event recognizes and visits over 2000 participants and competitors. The organizers, and Park Palić as co-organizer, are very proud, as the goal of this entertaining, sports and recreational manifestation is to strengthen the sport spirit, as well as the beginning of the New Year’s holidays celebration.



The public works program, implemented thanks to the National Employment Service, has been successfully completed. Planned works on the arrangement of the tourist part of Palić Lake were completed in three months.


After arranging the children’s playgrounds on the Male’s lido and at the beach, as well as the playground next to the new gym and basketball court, the workers finished several more arrangements of the neglected parts of Palić.

This program envisages:

Landscaping of the green space in the area next to the former auto camp and the terrain of the Thermal Pool, including: grass mowing and it’s disposal, cleaning of waste and cutting of low and high vegetation,
Painting the fence around the Thermal Pool,as well as the painting and cleaning old dressing rooms at the entrance to the Thermal Pool,
Painting the showers in front of the Thermal Pool,
Renovation and painting of the Music Pavilion,
Renovation of the benches on the promenade (sanding and painting) and
Cleaning the pavement and fountain at the monument of Lajos Vermes.


Since the weather conditions at the end of November were unfavorable for the field work, workers started cleaning and clearing the attic and internal unfinished rooms on the Great Terrace instead.


You can find more photos in our Photo Gallery.



After announcement that Palic needs Christmas tree, a great number of people, from all parts of the town, called us and offer to donate their tree, so we could decorate it in Christmas spirit. This gesture is of great importance because it shows how much everyone in Subotica loves Palic.

We have checked all the trees and most beautiful was selected. The height of the tree should not exceed 5 meters, since the tree is placed on the Grand Terrace.

We would like to thank everyone who was willing to donate the tree. We plan to do similar activity next year in order to prepare Palic for New Year’s holidays.

Christmass tree for Santa’s race

We are preparing venue for upcoming event Santa’s Race


Based on the Agreement on the Establishment of a Limited Liability Company for managing development of the tourist area „Park Palic”, and the Decision on the implementation of a public call for applications for position of Director of the Limited Liability Company, for managing  development of the tourist area „Park Palic”,  in Palic, the Assembly of LLC „Park Palic”, in Palic, announces call for aplications for Company’s director.

The director will be designated for period of 4 years and the conditions and deadlines can be found here.


As a continuation of the work on adaption of playgrounds for children, placed on the Men’s lido and the beach, new elements of the playground were built. This playground, that has been deserted for years now, today is completely repaired and adapted for the youngest.

Additionaly to arranged aisle next to Sandy beach, outdoor gym and basketball courts, the playground completes the offer of this part of Palic for sport and recreation of visitors and tourists. Within the ongoing maintenance of Park Palic, swings, see-saw, rails and climber were made.







Santa Claus Race – One of the most beautiful winter events on Palić, will be held on 10th of December. This family race celebrates winter, holidays, Christmas, New Year, and is a perfect event for all those who are looking forward to Santa.

This is going to be 14th race in a row, and year by year, the number of visitors is still growing! More than 1000 participants took part in last year’s manifestation.

The Race will start in front of the Music Pavilion, and all participants can run or walk for an hour along the racing track, one round minimum.  The condition of participation: Santa’s costume or cap.

Regardless of  the place you took in a race, every child will receive a medal to remember, and the fastest ones, and those who have the best Santa’s costume, will receive a special gifts from Santa personally. All visitors can enjoy children’s play and workshop which will be held after the race.

All participants may submit their artwork by Wednesday, 6th of December, at the Palić Local Community Association (Splitska aleja 1). The theme is Santa’s race or Winter, and it can be done in any technique. Your artwork will be exhibited on December 10th in the Great Hall of the Grand Terrace in Palić. The official announcement of the results and winner will be held on the day of the race.



As in the past year, „Park Palić“ doo would like to ask you to join our project “Donate Christmas tree to Palić”. Main purpose of this project is to use a tree that nobody needs, and which would certainly be cut down. Maximum height of a tree we can receive is 5 meters.

Christmas tree will be professionally cut, set and decorated at the Grand Terrace in Palić, where it will be placed during upcoming holidays.

If you have any questions, or you need relevant information, please visit us at “Park Palić” doo, Kanjiški put 17a, or call our office at :  024/ 602 – 780, during working hours (7.30 AM to 3.30 PM).



Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić opened today the Wine Marathon at Palic and pointed out that this festival has the potential to be among the most visited in Serbia.

For many years in many wine regions around the world, wine racing is very popular and is attracting a large number of people. Particular specificity of these races are that participants can taste, beside water, fruit and food, also wine from winery through whose vineyards run. With the enjoyment of running through idyllic areas, socializing on the track and sipping top-quality wines, one of the main features of the vines is the carnival spirit that is reflected in the imaginative costumes of the participants. Runners, if they want, can get on the path masked, and those with the most original and most costly costumes have received special presents.




Find out more pictures in our  Gallery


The Fruit-picking Days are held for the weekend, September 16 and 17. As every year, we celebrate harvesting of fruits and vegetables, wine production and completion of works in orchards and vineyards.

Numerous producers of fruit, vegetables, handmade works, traditional works and wines will gather. Visitors will be able to see, buy, degustate these products and maybe even get some advice from our exhibitors.

This year, the program „Come to me on the jar“, the prize caravan for cooking ajvar, is also being added to the program. The specialty of Balkan cuisine and the master of every table, ajvar, will cause „excellent“ culinary delights.

The program of the Fruit-picking Days on Saturday will also enrich the musical program with the performance of the tamburitza, the Tamburitza Ensemble of the Uspomena (from 4 pm to 6 pm) and the tamburitza Ravnica (6-8pm) at the Music Pavilion.

On Saturday, we expect various games, Palićki poen and Berbanska Olimpijada, then the exhibition of small animals, Humanitarian action of Rotary club Subotica „Fruits of humanity“.

Sunday is always dedicated to the children’s program, with children’s shows, animators, workshops, trampolines, dance school performances.


The third Dead Lake Horror & Wine Festival, which will be held at the Abazi Cinema near the Palić Lake, will be featured in six horror genre performances, featuring two attractive special screenings from 14 to 16 September under the slogan „Resurrection of Horror and Wine!“.

Dead Lake Horror & Wine Festival will open the Hollywood horror „Amitivil: Awakening“ (screenplay and direction by Franck Khalfoun) with Jennifer Jason Lee in the role of a mother who moves with children into a ghost house. White, her little sister Juliet and her twin brother twin, moved to a new house with her single mother, Joan, to save money and pay brotherly expensive treatment. But when the strange phenomena in the house start to emerge, including the miraculous recovery of Brother and Belene’s terrible nightmare, Bel starts to suspect that her mother does not speak everything – she quickly realizes they moved into the notorious Amitville House. It is a new film from the famous series about the haunted house, which began in 1979 with the film „Amitivilski užas“, which was followed by a controversy that it is based on true events.




Within the program activities for this year, several existing children’s playgrounds have been renovated.

Thanks to the public works program of the National employment service, existing playgrounds have been successfully adapted during the past month. The aim of these works is to bring playgrounds into use.

These are the playgrounds at the Male lido, right next to the Thermal Pool, and two at the beach. A large playground that has been abandoned for years near the Beach Bar, is refreshed with a new paint and immediately attracted the attention of the youngest visitors of Palic lake.

By paving the beach track, which was made in the spring, many visitors iscovered that there once existed another playground with rusty and broken swings and climbers.

Playgrounds near the beach


Игралиште уз шеталиште код плаже



Playground near the Beach bar



Playground at Male Lido




Concert Vlatko Stefanovski Trio

10th Septembar, Summer stage, 8 PM

Price: 900 dinars

Tickets: Eventim




The performance „The State Job – Live with the TV“ will be held on 4th August, at the Summer Stage.

Ticket sales are in progress, and tickets can be purchased at a price of 1000 dinars at Cafe Bar Hausbrandt and Borsalino, in bookstore Laguna and at other Eventim’s sales outlets (online via, in bookstore Laguna na Korzo, in exchange offices in Exclusive Change 5 – Roda center, OMV petrol pumps and EX-TEL store in Maksim Gorkog 32), as well as on the day of the concert at the Summer stage ticket office.+




The thermal pool at Palić started officially on Sunday, June 25, when it was free entry for citizenship. The pool is open to all visitors all days except Mondays, because of pool-cleaning.

Working hours are from 9 am to 7 pm and the price is 300 dinars for adults, while for pensioners it is 200 dinars. Price for daily student ticket is 100 dinars, for persons with disabilities 50 dinars, while afternoon ticket (from 14 to 19 hours) is also possible, and it costcs 200 dinars.

There is also daily group tickets (over 20 persons), for adults it costs 240 dinars, for the group student it is 80 dinars, and the group of pensioners is 160 dinars.

Price for guests of hotels and other accomodation in City of Subotica is 200 dinars.





Just before the opening of the European Film Festival in Palic, on the renovated Summer Stage, Sergej Cetkovic will hold a concert as part of the „My World“ tour.

The concert will be held on July 12, at 9 pm and the tickets can be bought at Cafe-Restaurant Borsalino, Cafe-Restaurant All’oro, at all Eventim stores (online via, in bookstore Laguna na Korzo, in exchange office Exclusive Change 5 – Roda center, on OMV petrol pumps and EX-TEL store in Maksim Gorkog 32), as well as on the day of the concert at the Summer stage ticket office.

The price of the tickets is 1.000 dinars, while the price of the VIP ticket is 1.300 dinars.

The number of tickets is limited, and tickets are on sale since June 21.




Summer stage, the building located in the center of a Grand park, built in 1950, is currently under reconstruction. Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications together with the company Park Palic provide 9.5 million dinars for renovation.

Adaptation involves paving the plateau and stairs at the entrance to the Summer Stage and reconstruction of the auditorium, ie. bench. The project will partially restore the premises to the dressing room and utility room.







34th May Day in Palic begins on Saturday, April 29 and lasts until Tuesday, 2nd of May. In this period, we expect tens of thousands of visitors of lake Palic.

In this period will be closed streets Jozef Hegedis, Splitska aleja and Olga Penavin and it is possible to go only with a Park Palic pass.

Visitors will also have access to parking behind the hotel President, on the site of a former auto camp on Men’s Lido and the Ritska street, and daily parking will cost 50 rsd.


During the four days of the event, there will be ambulances and firefighters, at the parking lot near the restaurant Mala gostiona.

All service information and program information during the May holidays, tourists and visitors will be able to get at the Tourist Information Center (former tram station near the hotel President) and at the information desk at the Grand terrace.

Tourist Information Center will be open May 1 and 2, from 10 am to 6 pm.while the information desk on the Grand terrace will be set May 1 and 2, from 10 am to 7 pm.

The program of the event can be seen HERE.

This year Palic is celebrating 555 years since the the name Palic appears in written documents. During the campaign „555 Palic“ there will be distributed promotional material and guests will be able to take pictures and share pictures of Palic on social networks with the tag # 555Palic and win prizes.




During the Easter holidays, at the Grand Terrace  was an event  intended primarily for children. The event was organized by the hoteliers who want to provide quality entertainment for theirs guests, who were mostly families with children.

On Holy Saturday, the children had the opportunity to seek Easter eggs that were hidden on the Terrace, and then they painted them. There was also a big Styrofoam Easter egg donated by a company Masterplast intended for children to pain and then to sold in humanitarian action.  The money that is collected will be forwarded to account of the sick girl Milica Oklobdzija.

Children played with animatiors – The Funny Captain and Branimir Rosic with his „flying guitar“.






Sports fields near the sports complex „Janko Pejanovic“ in Palic, were restored thanks to the donation of the Japanese Government, implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) within the project „Development of the vitality of the municipalities through migrant overcoming the crisis.“





Tthe Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, carries out reconstruction and construction of basketball courts and a outdor gym. Basketball courts and a gym is placed between a Men’s Lido and Sandy beache, ie. in the park between the Rowing Club Palic and former restaurant Fontana.

As a part of the project it will be renovated benches and tables that are already there so the whole area will be attractive for visitors.





As part of the annual business program, the plan is arranging pedestrian infrastructure in the tourist area of the Palic. Last year started the reconstruction works of walking trails.

The trail is paved with double layer compacted concrete slabs, with a length of about 550 m, starting from the parking lot near the former restaurant Fontana. The project of recostruction involves setting up 10 benches and 10 trash cans along the track.






Park Palic Ltd. participated in the world’s largest tourism fair held in Berlin, called ITB Berlin. The fair was held from 8 to 12 March.

Palic presented its offer at the stand of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, together with tourism organizations of  Belgrade, Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Cacak, Nis, Dimitrovgrad, Pozarevac, Despotovac, Zlatibor, as well as representatives of the tourism industry from Magellan travel agency, Tour operator Serbia, Turorama, Wild Serbia Adventure, Robinson Adventure Team, Big Blue travel, Luna travel and MK Resort hotel, Zlatibor Mona, Vila Majur and national airline Air Serbia.

Germany is one of the most important market for serbian tourism. Serbia irecorded 63,935 arrivals of German tourists in 2016, a 5% increase compared to 2015 and they have made 128,897 overnight stays, which is 5% more than in 2015. (Source: TO Serbia).





Official statistic shows that Palic was visited by a total of 28,725 tourists (7.8% more than last year) who have made 48,532 overnight stays (7.6% more than the previous year). From these data it can be concluded that the average number of nights per tourist is 1.69.


The number of domestic tourists increased by 21.2%,  (a total of 17,641) while the number of foreign tourists decreased by 8.4%. A similar trend is accompanied by a number of overnight stays – domestic tourist has more overnights stays – 7.6% (a total of 31,299) while a foreign tuorist had less overnights stays – 12.5% (a total of 17,233).

Generally speaking, in the whole Serbia the number of tourists has increased by 13% and the number of nights -13.3%. The largest increase in visits has made Ivanjica (86.2%), Banja Koviljaca (52.6%), Banja Vrdnik (30%), Zlatibor (20.4%), while the largest decrease was Mataruska spa of up to 60.4% while Kanjiza spa has decreased by 14.9%.


Regarding to the 39th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, which will be held from 23 to 26 February at Belgrade Fair, the company Park Palic and Tourist Organization of Subotica held a meeting with the caterers from Subotica and Palic.

The aim of the meeting was to present the conceptual design of the stand which will be on the large stand of the Tourist Organization of Vojvodina.

Since it could not affect the appearance of the stand, which is universal for the entire Vojvodina, they have discussed about the proposals and ideas to improve the appearance, ways of presenting offers Palic and Subotica, as well as other details of the joint marketing and promotional appearances at the Fair and after Fair.




Swedish delegation from city Sandviken is in an official visit to Subotica and Palic. They have business meeting with CEO of Park Palic Ltd. mr Nebojsa Darabos and his associate mr Michell Rohman.


Topics of the meeting were environmental situation of the lake Palić, investor attraction and activity plan for 2017.

Guests from Sweden have shown big interest in the problem of pollution and rehabilitation of Lake Palic and shared similar experiences that struck some lakes in Sweden.

Business meeting was also attended by Head of North-Bačka District, mr Dragi Vuckovic and  Project manager at Secretary for the Investment and Development, mr. Srdjan Parezanin while members of the Swedish delegation consisted of representatives of the City Council Sandvik.



First days in new year brought a sharp winter and temperatures in the minus. The consequence of negative temperatures are frozen lake and many people see it as a call for winter sports, ie. skating and sledding on the lake.

However, whether the lake is safe and whether there is a fear that the ice cracks or breaks through? Park Palić doesn’t recommend walking, skating or sledding on the lake because no one can ensure that ice does not crack.



Sidewalks recostruction in streets Splitksa aleja and Jozefa Hegedisa is a part of annual plan.

Splitska aleja street will be reconstructed along the 140 meters from parking at Mala gostiona restaurant and near the Abazija cinema.

In Jozefa Hegedisa street will be done also sidewalk reconstruction and lumbering the high trees. The main problem is that the tree roots are under the sidewalks. All the trees will be renewed in the next period.

Public procurement of sidewalk reconstruction near beach on Palic is on progress. 515 meters of sidewalk will be recontructed.






At the most visited tourist area of Palic, on the promenade in the Great Park near Grand terrace is appointed Wifi park, which will provide fast, high quality and free internet to all Palic visitors.

Wifi park is the result of cooperation between „Telekom Serbia“ and the company „Park Palic“.

Our common goal is customer satisfaction and will try to be maximally active in the process of responding and adapting to the latest technologies and therefore the changing needs of our clients.



Exhibition of art amateur artists of Vojvodina is placed at Congress center Grand Terrace and is open from 6th to 16th Novembar.













Park Palic has been participated on Winter Events & Spa Travel Market (WESTM 2016) that is organized by Turisticka prizma, third year in a row. It is special event for congress and spa tourism for Southeast Europe, held in hotel Zira in Belgrade. There were a lot of participants from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany.

For the first time, there were big companies from Rusia who organize business event all around the world.

There were over one hundred companies that orgineze congresses, seminars and other events, hotels, congress centers, tourist organisations and tourist agencies and they held B2B meetings.

We have used this opportunity to present Palic tourist destination and possibilities for organizing big events and conferences in Congress center Grand terrace.




The Congress centre Grand Terrace held a major conference for all members of the Information and the business center (IPC) about new financial and legal trends for companies, public comanies and other budget users.

„IPC counseling“ lasted three days in Palic, in the Mala gostiona and Grand terrace.

Large hall in Grand terrace, which can accommodate over 360 people was full all the time. Current issues about new tax regulations, rationalization in the public sector, the business of health care institutions and other themes have helped Palic visit a large number of business travelers for a few days.

Full parking lots, filled conference rooms, restaurants and hotels … It’s a picture that Palic deserves and what we all aspire.





Last weekend in Palic hosted the 4th International Festival of cracklings and pig slaughter. Festival visitors were able to enjoy a rich variety of traditional pig slaughter dishes.
On Sunday 6 December, was held 15th Race events Santa Clauses. The event had about 1,000 participants, and prizes, this year it got the oldest, youngest participant and the participant with the best costume. For children organized a workshop where visitors were able to see the exhibition of children’s works on the subject of Race of Santa Claus, which was set up in the Grand Terrace.


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