The tour to City Wastewater Treatment Plant

On the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day, the children from PPU „Skolica“ visited the city Wastewater Treatment Plant. During the visit, the children attended the Eco-chat room, where the PR team of the project of the Biodiversity Protection of the Palic and Ludas Lakes, spoke about the importance of water, soil, air, energy, plant and animal species, as well as daily activities need to be done with the purpose to protect the environment. After a short class, they took a tour to the Purifier, where preschoolers could see the quality of water at the entrance, and its quality at the exit, and the point where it pours out into the Palic lake. The visit was realized within the activities of the „KfW“ project, in order to encourage awareness of the youngest about the importance of preserving biodiversity.





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