The announcement about the discontinuation of the performance "My grandpa is out"

After the rain and bed weather which led to the discontinuation of the performance „My grandpa is out“ which was held on June 22nd at the Summer stage in Palic, we offered the Belgrade Drama Theater, the opportunity to perform the play ones again, but unfortunately, the actors and organizers were not able to accept our offer.

Park Palic, the organizer of this event, decided that the audience should be satisfied, so we can propose three options:

  • To use “My grandpa is out” tickets to attend the opera “The Barber of Seville” on June 29th , or
  • To use “My grandpa is out” tickets to attend the play “The Colors of the hideaway” on August 2nd , or
  • To get a refund for the purchased tickets

All those who decide to attend the opera or the play mentioned above, must submit the My grandpa is out ticket at the entrance.

All those who purchased the ticket via Ticket Vision and their sales points: Laguna bookstore, OMV Gas station, Exclusive Change 5 exchange office or online via, can receive a refund by contacting the points of sale directly.


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