An Art competition for selection of project name and visual identity - logo of the project "Protection of biodiversity and water of the Palic and Ludas lakes" is now opened.

The City of Subotica, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and other public companies in the territory of the City of Subotica, signed a contract with the Government of Germany at the end of November 2017 through the KFW Bank for the project „Biodiversity Conservation of Lake Palic and Ludas“ totaling € 6.5 million , which aims to create better conditions for biodiversity conservation and potential for tourism development in the area.

We invite all students of the High School and the Polytechnic Secondary School in Subotica to show what they know and are able to, to participate in the creation of the visual identity and popular name of the project „Biodiversity Conservation and Water of Palic and Ludas Lakes“ and win valuable prizes.

In order to participate in creating a visual identity for a project, it is necessary to:

  • Attend the Polytechnic School in Subotica – Graphic Design in Serbian and Hungarian languages, grades I to IV,
  • Deliver the designed project logo in the following formats: eps., Pdf., Ai., And jpeg.,
  • Submit proposal by December 16, 2019

In order to participate in the creation of a popular project name, it is necessary to:

  • Attend High School in Subotica – social language department in Serbian language, grades I to IV
  • Submit your proposal by 12/16/2019

The most successful, most original and highest prizes are awarded for the purchase of computer equipment according to the following classification:

  • First place – 350 Euro voucher,
  • Second place – 100 Euro voucher,
  • Third place – 50 Euro voucher.



The best works of both competitions will be decided by an expert commission consisting of:

  • Ivana Jovanović, B.Sc. prof. of Serbian language and literature
  • Nora Ljubenovic Evetovic, master visual artist-painter
  • Daniela Bucalo, Artistic Director, Graphic Communications
  • Marta Dobo, Director of JP „Palić Ludas“
  • Blasko Arpad, Director of the Contemporary Gallery Subotica
  • Jelena Misita, Senior PR Consultant, Media Advisor

More detailed information on the project „Biodiversity Conservation and Waters of Palic and Ludas Lakes“ can be obtained at

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