Palic through the prism of marking the World Tourism Day

The beginnings of tourism go all away back to the distant past. At first, tourism was not in the form in which we know it today, and was not of a great scope. Today, tourist movements occupy a very important place in people’s lives and deserve special attention.

Tourism has a great impact on cultural, social, political and economic values. Developing a tourist destination is a broad and complex task which involves several aspects that must included and taken into account.

Statistical indicators of tourist traffic from the year 2017 until today show a serious growing tendency for Palic as a tourist destination. During the year 2019, the number of tourists registered in the accommodation facilities in the Palic area was 33.668, which is around 11% more than during the year 2018. Palic is a place that attracts mostly domestic tourists, but there is a noticeable increase in the number of foreign guests. The number of overnight stays in the year 2019 was 62.718, which is around 23% more than the year 2018.

It is estimated that during the year 2019, Palic was visited by over 500.000 tourists throughout the year. Even the „COVID“ year 2020 is not statistically bad for Palic, on the contrary, the number of overnight stays during June and July was higher for around 20% compared to the same period in 2019, which is a rareness and a positive example compared to the other destinations.

We cannot help but notice the synergy between the increase of tourist traffic in Palic and a series of investments in the infrastructure of Palic during the period from the year 2017 until now, when over 250 million dinars were invested trough all three governament levels for reconstruction, recovery and construction and one billion dinars provided for the construction of a modern wellness and spa center with the Aqua Park in Palic.

The left wing of the Grand Terrace was reconstructed, a judge’s tower was built on the West coast, over 2,000 square meters of wooden pier on the Men’s Lido was rehabilitated, more than 2 kilometers of path were built along the coast and within the Great Park, the Summer Stage was reconstructed in two phases, the thermal pool has been repared, the Sandy beach and the park have been renovated with new facilities and inventory. Funds have also been provided for the rehabilitation of two public toilets in the tourist zone of Palic, as well as for the construction of the Adventure Park in Palic. All this and of course the completion of the largest capital project – the construction of the wellness and spa center with Aqua Park in Palic is a responsible approach of the manager of Palic tourist area, because without constant investments and care, there isn’t such a thing as a good tourist destination.

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