Plot No. 1

PLOTS: 14019 cadastral municipality Novi grad, 14020 cadastral municipality Novi grad

OWNERSHIP: City of Subotica

LANDPLOT SIZE: 14448 m2 (14019: 5285 m2, 14020: 9163 m2)

PURPOSE OF USE: touristic – residential character (family hotels and villas)


In the area intended for construction commercial and tourist facilities its allowed the construction of commercial and tourist facilities (pensions, villas, etc.) with a storage capacity and the possibility of hospitality and entertainment content.

In the area of tourist-residential character, the construction of business-residential facilities (residential facilities with rooms for rent or business facilities), tourist-hospitality facilities with accommodation facilities, as well as the construction of facilities intended for sports and recreation, is allowed. When building commercial and residential facilities, the residential part can be up to a maximum of 30% of the surface of the facility.

In addition to the previously indicated facilities and planned activities, facilities intended for public use (in the field of education, health, social protection, etc.) can be built in the area.

Within the tourist-residential area, depending on the size of the plot, the construction of the following facilities is allowed:

Residential and commercial facilities,
Business-residential facilities,
Business facilities,
Sports and recreation facilities,
Residential facilities
OTHER facilities on the plot (accompanying, auxiliary); other facilities can be built within the planned complex (garages, garden tool storage, barbecue canopies, pool canopies, covered terraces etc.). All facilities must be combined in a single object, except for the pool canopy and covered terrace which can be independent facilities. The area of ​​other facilities on the plot is included in the occupancy and built-up index.

CURRENT STATUS: construction land owned by the City of Subotica

LOCATION: west coast of Palic Lake




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